How Many Keywords Can A Single Page Rank For? (And How to Do Keyword Research)

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The more content and pages you have on your website.
The more content and pages you have on your website, the more traffic you're going to get. But how many keywords can you have on one page? Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel and, today, I'm going to explain to you how many keywords you can put on a single page. The answer is hundreds. There's not really a limit on how many keywords you can have on a page, but you're not going to be writing pages or creating pages based on a specific number of keywords. Instead, what you want to do is when you're creating a page, the first thing is come up with the main keywords that page should be around. Let's say you have a website around auto insurance. Your keywords could be car insurance, auto insurance, and that's mainly it. I know that's only two keywords, but I said hundreds, right? Well, if you're writing an article, let's say, on auto insurance, and what's the best way to find auto insurance, and how to get it at an affordable rate, and let's say it's just one post, you're likely to rank for hundreds of keywords. Here's why. The moment you make your post thorough, which is the most important step, the more thorough your content is when you have a 2000-plus word blog post, you're naturally going to include long-tail keywords. If you're writing a post on auto insurance, you'll naturally talk about overpaying or underpaying, how to find a good deal, what terms are good, what terms are bad, what providers you should be looking for, which ones you shouldn't be looking for. As you're talking about the providers, you'll naturally rank for things like maybe GEICO Auto Insurance Review, or Allstate Insurance Review. To get ranked for hundreds of keywords, what I'm telling you to do is one, only focus on a few keywords, two, write thorough content, and that's it. If you do those two things, you write amazing thorough articles, and you only focus on two keywords or three or four, right, a handful max, you'll naturally rank for hundreds of keywords because you'll rank for long-tail phrases. It's not that you're trying to go after these long-tail phrases; it's that it'll naturally
Happen. Users search using long-tail phrases and, as you're writing content.
happen. Users search using long-tail phrases and, as you're writing content, you'll naturally include them within there.

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