How to Check If Your Domain Is Ranking in SERP Features

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Learn how to find the instances where your domain shows within Google's SERP features.

Using the filters within Rank Ranger's Rank Insights report, you can quickly identify when Google uses your URLs from your domain within its SERP features.

Use the filter to analyze your keyword data-set to see when your URL is being placed within Featured Snippets, People Also Ask boxes, Carousels, Rich Cards, Image Boxes, and more!

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Identify the keywords you're tracking in the Google SERP
hi there Morty Overson here from rank Ranger and today I want to show you how you can identify all the keywords you're tracking that score or present a certain search feature on the Google SERP and then how you can sort all the keywords that bring up a certain search feature by those instances or those keywords where your URL is the URL being featured within a given feature on the SERP so let's have at it okay so what we have here is every single SERP feature that this keyword set brings up on the SERP now the light blue or the instances where your competitors win that SERP feature and the dark blue instances were you and your domain win that serve feature so let's just pick a certain search feature I'm gonna take related questions which are also known as people also ask and I'm going to bring up every single instance where all the keywords I'm tracking bring up a people also ask box onto the Google SERP now the grey scaled instances are those where there's a related questions boxed or people also ask box but your competitors URLs in there the bolded instances are cases where the people also ask box appears and your URL is one that is in one of the initially presented questions now let's say you wanted a poll in just a forget the competitors what are all the you want what are all the keywords rather that produce the related questions people also ask box with my URL in it and you news for people also as you can those feature snippets for the image by any and every search feature so we're gonna go over here to the report options we're gonna pick on filters and again every single serve feature is in here then you can do this with and I want to mention that we've recently added rich cards tracking for mobile so you can now check when your keywords produce rich cards for you and your competitors okay that aside was gonna scroll all the way to the bottom here and slide the domain is feature meaning your domain where you and the search feature is featured and click on apply changes and then I'll bring this up Andrews gonna hide this for the sake of the video and here are all of the keywords that you are tracking with in this case that we're tracking where you and your domain are one of the URLs featured in the initial people also asked cards now again and every surf feature that you have available to you inside of rank Ranger you can do this with and it's a great option you can check it out yourself
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head over to rank Ranger dot-com sign up for a free trial and you can test it at yourself free for 14 days no credit card necessary oh let me just show you where this is in the UI go to SEO go to rank in size click and you will be brought to here and you'll see this so again rank waiter comm sign up for a free trial check it out today and enjoy and hopefully it will be helpful useful and expediently efficient for you

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Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍