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Hi, I’m Henry Senger.
Hi, I’m Henry Senger, and I’m the lead engineer at Google working on optimization score. As your Google Ads accounts expand, you need to stay on top of opportunities to improve your performance. We created optimization score to help you prioritize changes to make in your accounts, so you can achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. Optimization score isn’t part of Quality Score or Ad Rank, it’s simply a tool to help make your accounts better. Your optimization score tells you how much room for improvement your campaigns have. Located at the top of the Recommendations page, the score ranges from 0-100%. Getting to 100% means you are on top of all currently available recommendations to maximize your account performance. In this video, we’ll cover how the score is calculated, how it changes, and how you can effectively use the score to reach your goals. First, let’s take a closer look at how optimization score is calculated. Say you have three recommendations to improve performance: to pause poorly performing keywords, create more relevant ads, and opt into the maximize conversions Smart Bidding strategy. These recommendations are based on best practices, your settings, and your account performance history. Using machine learning, we analyze millions of accounts and campaigns, in order to identify the most impactful changes you can apply in your account to meet your unique goals. Optimization score looks at your available recommendations and gives them a score based on how much they should improve your performance over time. For example, creating new ads that include your keywords can make your ads more relevant to customers and drive higher quality traffic to your website. The higher the expected impact on your performance, the higher each recommendation score will be. Your account starts at 100%, then we subtract the scores for all available recommendations. So, a score below 100% means that you still have room to take action and improve your account to ensure it’s set up for success. Let’s say you apply the recommendation to pause poorly performing keywords. Your optimization score will automatically increase as a result. Applying more recommendations gets you closer to 100%. The score that you see will change depending on where you look. Optimization scores are available for individual campaigns all the way up to manager accounts. So even if you manage lots of accounts, you can check the health level of those accounts in a snap.
It’s easy to incorporate optimization score into your management routine.
It’s easy to incorporate optimization score into your management routine. If you have time to make only a few changes, prioritize recommendations with the highest impact to your score. You can apply changes immediately with a single click, download the suggestions for further investigation, or apply them using Google Ads Editor. As always, you’re in the driver’s seat. Implement the recommendations that work for your business. Dismiss any that don’t align with your current goals, which also improves your optimization score. Dismissing recommendations that aren’t a good fit and providing feedback helps us give you better recommendations over time. We designed optimization score so that everyone can be confident they are getting the most out of their existing account setup. Even if you reach an optimization score of 100%, you should continue to regularly monitor your score. Changes are always happening in your industry, your account, and consumer behavior and interest. Your score will continue to update based on newly discovered recommendations. Using optimization score routinely can help your account reach and stay at its full potential. It can also help you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently with Google Ads. Start using optimization score by navigating to the Recommendations page in your Google Ads account. And be sure to check out our Best Practices checklist for more tips on using Optimization Score.

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍