SEO Keyword Ranking Monitoring with SerpRobot

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This video walks you through SerpRobot, an SEO keyword rankings tracking tool and how to setup and use it.

A tool for SEO keyword rank tracking.
hey everybody this is ori from astroweb and i'm going to introduce to you a tool we use for seo keyword tracking called serp robot it's a very simple affordable way to track your keywords we use it for a few years now and i just wanted to show you a little bit about the concept what's going on okay so right now i'm logged in to the back end this is a paid account and what i'm doing is i'm monitoring the different websites that i want to track so each one of these is considered a project right so i have a website uh for example i have my website right here astroweb us and i'm monitoring certain keywords right so it's it's specifying where am i monitoring so which account google yahoo google us google taiwan google france et cetera et cetera right and just the settings itself so what am i tracking okay and then here i have all of my keywords with my ranking so before i go into detail i want to go back for a second and create a new project so you see how it looks okay so for example i wanna have a new project called astroweb and i'm gonna monitor my website okay and i'm gonna select the region here for example i want google whatever google us right so for me i'm just going to have but if i want a different country i could do that and here i'm going to specify the keywords i want to track right here right so either i can have one by one so for example magento developer is one of my terms okay or what i like to do is i like to like instead of doing one by one i like to do the keywords by bulk and just do them line by one magento agency magento etc right so i'm going to do one by one by one by one once i do that i can click on add project and when you add project they actually appear here okay so once i do that i have right here my section so let me show you how the keywords look what's going on so first you have a simple summary about the average position how many of your keywords are improved how many are top three top 10 top 30 top 100 and here you have the keyword right here and then you have here uh the latest right what is the
What is your current rating for the keyword?
current ranking so for example i'm on page two number 13 this is my you know the best it's ever been since i've been tracking uh and then i have here the the once it once i created the the keyword what was it first in here and then what is the search volume based on the google ads data right so you can also sort right here so for example this is the biggest most popular one it has 74 000 searches a month based on google data when was it last updated and if it finds actual ranking for example this is on page two what page in my domain is actually ranking for that because sometimes you don't want that specific page to rank you want something else okay i can recheck it and i can check the charts et cetera so if i click here for example i can see based on page 2 who are the
See who the competitors are.
competitors who are ranking 13 14 et cetera what's happening and i can see the growth has it been going up in rankings down in rankings and has it changed so for example -1 means last time it checked for example yesterday it was ranking number 15 it went now minus 1 to 14. so minus is actually better ranking because you eventually want to get to zero which is your best thing plus one is actually getting worse okay and what was the best so that's it that's really really simple i have some basic graphs i don't really use them too much but basically you can see how they go up and down and the other thing that i use right here is the export of data so if i want
Export rankings data where you need it.
to use it in csv i can basically export right here and i can see all my data let me click here on export and i can just see all the data i can reuse in google drive google sheets or excel etc and i can you know format it make it into reports all that kind of stuff right so you can see a little bit more data for example the the cost per click in google not just the search volume and all that so you have a little more data in the export but it's really simple so that's that's really it i mean it's really simple um serprobe has a pretty good price actually a very good price it's very cheap for checks but really depends on how many checks you want you're going to pay more money if you have more or less checks and they have their pricing not sure what it is but you guys can check right serp robot you guys can check i i personally like it does the job for a very very cheap price we've been using it for a while so that's it hope you enjoyed the video you can check the pricing all that kind of stuff and that's it thank you guys appreciate it

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

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