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Woorank is a leading website audit tool and an important part of our SEO classes. View this 20-minute expert interview with Courtney McGee and learn how to take full advantage of this tool.

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all right so I have Courtney Mickey with me today my name is Chris Ralph I'm the founder Boulder SEO marketing and Chris welcome Courtney you're with rank a really cool website audit tool and I ask you to demo the tool today in a screen share session with that said why don't you briefly introduce yourself and then walk us through rank yeah I probably am thank you so much for having me and giving us the opportunity to talk about living so we are based in Brussels as it says here and yeah that's really cool so you can probably tell from my accent that I'm not from Brussels I actually moved over commercials to work for this cool company so what I do is my marketing and PR and kind of all things having to do with with just getting our name out there so really cool to have an opportunity to talk about us so if you're ready I'm going to go ahead and show you what rank can do let's go over to here okay so first of all what's moving what we are is a quick website audit tracking and reporting tool for digital marketing so we're really easy to use for both professional digital marketers and also giy website owners alike so that's basically regardless of SEO expertise we make our art advice really actionable for any level of SEO knowledge like I said we're based in Brussels and we have a really international team so we come from nine different countries that's us right here at our boss the fourth at his birthday lunch that's all of us and like I said we come from nine different countries and our services are available in six different languages as well so moving into our tool in mathematics this all right so as you can see we offer two types of reviews here we have our skater review and then we have a more in-depth analysis called the project or you'll find out all of our more advanced features to run and review the first thing that you need to do is type in the website that you'd like to review in this review bar up top and I just hit create review and that's going to take you to our standard review first thing that you're going to see once you land on your standard review is your SEO score so this is a score that we judge you on based on 100 points that rates your site on Google key ranking factors the criteria that we judge you on your site are divided into three different categories that's optimize promote and measure you also have the ability to add a shift three competitors within your standard review here and there spanish competitors button you can add competitors here or if you're kind of like not sure who your competitors are or if you just want to look at your own site for a client or something you don't have to do that it's not mandatory and you can always change the competitor that you're looking at within your settings also within your review of your site performance for each criteria is color coded kind of like a traffic light so you can see immediately what needs to be done when you're scrolling through your review so the optimized section is
Check your backlink quality and quantity.
where you're going to find all of your technical and on page SEO criteria so this is essentially so you can check to see if Google can interpret and then also evaluate your content when it finds in culture sites so we look for elements on your site like title tags h1 tags keyword usage and other kind of technical elements like robots.txt files XML sitemap image optimization and much more so if anything for you is not familiar with in this this on-page SEO stuff or actually any of the criteria within the review you can click into any of the criteria and get a better explanation some external resources about why we're looking for this what we're looking for how to fix it potentially so that's there's a lot of different criteria in here I'm going to jump down into the promote section just to quickly go through the tool here for you the most section is going to tell you how well you're promoting your visits online by giving you an overview of your backlink quality and quantity and also a recap of your social and your local presence so your Facebook page
Sync in your social media accounts and Google Analytics.
Twitter account Google+ crunch based entities and then also your your local local reviews as well in case you have them then the last section the measure section is going to show you your estimated traffic your traffic read both worldwide and nationally also where your visitors are coming from and if you synced your competitors you can compare your results with theirs here as well so for more in-depth data what you do is start a project and this is going to take you to all of our advanced features so pretty intuitively just click start project and it'll start configuring your more advanced features you are nautical ego get taken to the settings page and the really cool part about this like I said before just to quickly mention you can add your competitors here as well if you haven't done it on your page if you're not sure who your competitors are or if your professional do film architour and you're doing an audit for one of your clients and you don't have the time to do that sort of research we'd have the suggested competitors here that you can start doing competitive analysis so like I said this really cool feature here obviously I'm biased as I work here but I think it's very cool that your your ability to sync with your Google Analytics account and also your Google search console accounts so this is going to show you all of your traffic data for the last 12 months like sessions new visits average time spent on your site as well as your crawl errors and your top search queries within the GSEs once you drink these your project website review is going to be enhanced with a ton of extra data and that will give you much hard granular look at kind of your user behavior and user user usage down here an email subscription this is another really cool thing that you can do you can opt into our email alert so the first thing our automatic uptime notifications so what we do is we can sort of a constant server monitoring and we let you know whenever your website has gone down because you you know sometimes your web thinking about on kind of in socialable hours that can happen you know when you're out to dinner and maybe you're not looking at your website so we babysit your website at all time so you don't have to so you can immediately
Take advantage of our weekly reports.
take action if you're not you know at the office or something we also have a weekly email digest for a weekly snapshot of your site's performance in a nutshell so for digital agencies these email alerts are really wonderful and easy way to show your clients pretty tangible results from your efforts on a weekly basis and then the caller notifications are not a periodic thing they're just a notification whenever you started a call will send you a notification that your call is finished and you can go look at it so what we're going to do now is move into some of the advanced features like the keyword tool recycle and I'm going to move into a site crawl or sorry the keyword pilfer do you have any questions so far Chris no this is awesome okay so we're going to do CNN because I've already been tracking some keywords with them for the last couple of months so I could show you kind of more more information that way so once you're in the keyword tool the first thing that you'll see here is a graph of all the positions spread of your keywords within your project for the last 12 weeks so this really allows you to just visualize your progress over time and you can filter out if you're only really wanting to look at your top keywords you can kind of filter them out and only look at those so the darker the graph the better so your competitor is also automatically added within keyword tool so you don't have to manually do that that information is already cold so the starch matching keywords you click on this button up here add keyword to track and you can add all the keywords that you want to be found by separated by commas if you are totally new keyword research if you're totally new to SEO you don't know what you're doing we have suggested keywords down here based on some things that we found on your site so this will just give you a jumping-off point to start your keyword tracking how many keywords track story to do no that's right so each project will give you a credit of 50 keywords now you don't have to use all of them in one place you can kind of spread them around so if you're on our premium plan you will have five projects to play around with so that will give you total 250
Explore keywords.
keywords if you want to use all of those keywords for cnn.com you can if you want to use one you can it's really up to you to kind of distribute them that way if you're on the program which gives you access to one project you get 50 keywords to dress and then if you move on if you need more than 250 you can move on to our enterprise plan which has kind of kind of custom plans there for multi words that make sense oh yeah thank you okay sure you can also just quickly change your google domain based on where your visitors come from and also where your business operates so you don't have to stay in the US if that's not where your business is operating so here down here in the table you're see your average monthly search volume of a keywords you'll also see your latest ranking data with weekly changes in your site's position indicator in green if you will abduct them or red if you decrease them class and also you can see the same for your competition here so it really gives you a way to super visualize how your progress is doing for these particular keywords you can click on any one of these keywords so then see a historical graph of your keywords performance so here you can see that your performance Basin or star compared to your competitors and then also you can see a list of the top 10 Google results for that particular keyword now why this is really helpful at least for me if I'm CNN and I'm tracking you know ABC BBC and NBC that's all well and good but I've had I have a lot of other websites here in the top 10 that are performing better for this keyword then though than the competitors that I've identified so maybe it's time for me to kind of re-evaluate who I'm looking at myself against alright so that's pretty much it for the keyword tool I'm going to move into the site crawl actually coordinate yes those are keywords that the homepage is ranking for or that site wise it's it's site wide site why it's any page that is ranking for long word great so moving into site crawl here this is a much much more technical tool I know
Identify issues across your site to better rank your website.
that's what I first found it here and I took a look this tool I was like oh my gosh this is so intimidating but it actually wants to understand it it's totally fun and we're here to help at all times if you have any questions about it or if is confusing so while our new rank reviews analyze the basic on-page elements for your website's homepage the cycle carries out a much deeper website analysis so here we're going to call through on with all of the pages on your site I believe it's up to 2500 pages of your site and provide really useful data to help you identify issues across your site and then also address them so what we do is we check for on-page elements like title tags header description h1 tag body content issues like fin blank or duplicate content we also check for any HTTP status code that can indicate issues with your website accessibility and usability the indexing section is going to identify pages that might not be indexable and not appear in search results so you know if you can have the best content our world but if you're not if you're not investable if nobody can find you then what's the point of even having that content you know absolutely and then finally the canonical section this is going to help you manage and spot all of your canonical URLs and broken HRF Iying issues so the cycle is going to give you the exact URL of any issue that we've done on your site so you don't really have to go digging around to find where we where we spotted something we also have implemented a series of tools which is honestly the only reason I understand site crawl now is because of use contextual helpers that we have so if you go into any one of these criteria here and you see something that you have just never heard of before you're completely unfamiliar with it you can click this question mark up at the top here and that's going to activate those contextual helpers I was talking about so if you see a red dot hovering over any one of these sections here you can just click on it and then you'll get a better explanation as you know what a 400 error is why it matters how you can fix it potentially some of those say that and that's the same for for any one of the sections here I love that feature
Contact us if you're lost and need help.
Courtney so we in our trainings and our workshops we you know we do get a site audit par and it just you don't have enough time right to cover everything so this is extremely helpful where's don't go back to the tool and actually review the information yeah absolutely and we also whenever you click on that question mark that automatically will pop up our little Help Center here so if you're just completely lost you not sure what to do you can jump straight to contacting us and of course we'll get right back to you if you're more of a DIY person you don't really want to interact with the Ren team you can go to the Help Center and find an article or you can watch some demo videos with yours truly the last thing that I wanted to show you just about the cycle is that if you are if you're specifically professional digital marketers so it might not be your job to fix these issues just to find them you can download these results as a CSV and give them to your colleagues given to your clients give them to you know
Create your own pdf reports using our SEO tool.
whoever's responsible for fixing your shoes so the last thing that I wanted to show you the wooing feature is that that I think is really really awesome specifically for professional digital marketers is our PDF template editor so what we do is we collect your site's performance it really simple easy to read reports delivered the way that works best for you so you can access the PDF template editor if you're on your premium plan right here in the corner go to PDF template so that's going to allow you to create your own white-label report and that's available also in six different languages it's completely customizable in order to match your branding and you can write your own advice or notes if you don't agree with you know something we're saying so you go into one of the criteria here and you can write your own tips and the way that that will look like you've created your PDF template will look a little bit like this so this is 150 nm you can put your branding up here this is how it looks as a PDF you can put in the footer you can put your contact information anything that you want and you can you can also sort them you can stick with one aspect of the report the keyword rankings or technical on-page criteria you can mix and match criteria it's completely up to you all right so just a couple of logistical things that I wanted to tell you about we ranked I wanted to take you to the free trial page this is where the fun begins that says it all right there you can sign up for a 14-day trial anytime and use me and I'll be available for all of your customers for a custom walkthrough of the tool she's aligned specifically how to use wink for your business so if you're you know starting out you have your own you know new e-commerce site or if you're new I don't know kitesurfing site that you want yeseo to subscribe in you want your rankings to improve then I'll do a call with you and I'll tailor the tour that way if you're a professional digital marketer I can show you how the advanced features can use for your client prospecting and pitching as well so yeah
Get our simple to use SEO tool that will fit your needs!
awesome you know I think that's very important I mean there's so many tools out there and I mean I person get a you know I get contacted by a lot of these tools providers you know it's like learning a new software sometimes that also I'll go ahead I was just going to say I think that that's really what those that were raised apart from some of the other tools that are out there is that you don't need a degree in rocket science to understand what we're telling you about your SEO so you could be completely new to this and really get a lot of value and improve your website a lot with all of our very actual very digestible advice if you've been a zero for years you still have the same amount of value and benefit because you'll be able to kind of play around with with the advanced features on the way that works for your business it's an excellent excellent and the other thing I just wanted to tell everyone if you might be watching or listening is that not only do we have this all-in-one awesome school of course like I said before I'm biased I think it's awesome cuz I work here but it is really truly awesome we also have the infinite Bank of knowledge with our SEO guides for anybody that really wants to learn more about SEO and how to include their website and then we also have this blog that is constantly being updated it's just a plethora of knowledge here not all things digital marketing we have stuff about keyword research link analysis marketing tools Semantic Web which is something that we've really read a lot about lately social media really anything to improve your digital marketing this is just an absolute goldmine of information here so yes I know I mean like overtly promotional but I really really believe in our tool and I want you know all of our users to get the most out of it that they possibly can knowing you guys provide so much valuable information and you know hey the marketing changed all the time and it's definitely one of the blocks that I'm personally reading also that's why we're doing the same to view and think it's of great value to hopefully my my readers I hope so too I definitely hope so too and yeah if anybody has any questions about looming or just wants to start a free trial doesn't know how to begin then it's super easy my email is super easy Courtney a true ranked and I can personally welcome you over to become wiser with us perfect perfect Courtney this has been very educational and like thank you for your time so thank you so much for having me no that was awesome and let's do this again sometime soon Emily whenever we have a new new feature update which happens a lot we can do a new video so I can tell you all about the new cool stuff that we're doing here all right hey I'm going to stop the recording again thank you very much and I'll add an email address to the the blog post I will write it awesome great great well thank you so much Chris cool Dave Courtney

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