What is Google SERP? How to Check Website Keyword Ranking Position - Free SERP Tool

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Learn what is SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)?

How to check your SERP?
hello and welcome to another tutorial video from how to webmaster today i'm going to show you how to check your google search engine ranking position by using this free tool at freeseo.cloud and before we get started with using this free tool i like to show you what exactly is google search engine ranking position for example here is one of my websites and i review these articles bidding products at my website and i want to know which keyword or which product keywords are ranking at google so when i go to google i type in one of my keywords the best binner review and then i want to see where is my website at within the first page results or within the second page and see where it is exactly ranking at and you can do this manually that way and that's how you check your google search engine ranking position or you
Use free SEO cloud tool.
can go here and use the free seo cloud tool right here google serp and i'll leave a link down below for you guys to check it out so first thing you want to do is enter your website here so type that in and hit enter now enter in your targeted keyword okay just like that and then click on test and it says here my ranking position is number five and here are the top ranking results so the number one ranking result is this website and then number five that's my website right here so top 10 will be usually on the first page okay let's try another keyword let's just delete the review part hit test and it usually takes a few seconds and then you get the results right here number 52 so for this particular keyword is number 52 that's on the sixth page right here number 52
Hope this will help you track your website ranking.
okay i hope this helps thanks so much for viewing let me know if you guys have any questions thanks again and be sure to subscribe to how to webmaster for more tips tricks and tutorials on internet marketing and until next time happy marketing

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

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