Terms of Use

General information

Rankinity provides information about website positions in the Search Engines and a related set of tools for analyzing website visibility in search and generating SEO reports. All copyrights belong exclusively to the Rankinity company.

Anyone who registers with Rankinity or otherwise uses Rankinity (the “User”) expressly declares that they have read, understood and accepted these Terms of Use.

If necessary, the rules for using Rankinity can be supplemented or changed at any time.

Basic Requirements

Before using Rankinity, the User must first register for the Rankinity account.

Rankinity User's Authentication Data (hereinafter "Access Data") must be kept confidential by the User and cannot be transferred to third parties. If the Access Data is used for other purposes due to circumstances under the control of the User, the User is responsible for any damage caused by such misuse. In addition, it is the User's responsibility to inform Rankinity company of any misuse of Rankinity that becomes known to him.

The user is obliged to keep his contact information and any other relevant information provided to Rankinity up to date.

Rankinity company may at any time disable the working servers and make changes to the code and data provided by the Rankinity service (hereinafter “Rankinity Data”).

Limitations of use

The User can use Rankinity Data only after he has been granted access to Rankinity. Rankinity company may ask the User to tell the intended purpose of using Rankinity.

The use of the Rankinity service and data is permissible only if all data and information provided by the User is correct and complete, and the purpose of use is in accordance with these Terms of Use.

The User cannot access Rankinity Data in automatic ways, except through the Rankinity API provided by Rankinity company. The user can in no way allow third parties to access Rankinity Data without the explicit consent of Rankinity company. It will be considered a serious violation of these Terms of Use if the User gains access to Rankinity in other automated ways than the Rankinity API, or if the User in any way allows third parties to access Rankinity's data without the explicit consent of Rankinity company.

Neither the Rankinity service nor the Rankinity data may be used in any way that could directly damage Rankinity's reputation and standing.


Rankinity is a free service, however, if you want to expand the established limits, you can deposit the required amount of money on your account balance.

All payments are handled by our partner PayProGlobal Inc. You can make a payment as an individual or a legal entity using a bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer and other payment methods.

When your balance runs out of money, you will receive a notification in advance and will be able to top up your balance in a timely manner by the required amount.

Intellectual property rights

The Rankinity Service and all related intellectual property rights, including copyrights for text, drawings, images, databases, audio and video, contained on the Rankinity website (hereinafter “Property Rights and Intellectual Property”) are the property of Rankinity company.

Rankinity company has the right at any time to transfer, in whole or in part, all Property Rights and Intellectual Property to a third party without notification and provision of information to the user.

The user acknowledges all Property Rights and Intellectual Property and at the same time declares that he will always - when using Rankinity and thereafter - observe and respect all Property Rights and Intellectual Property.


Rankinity company is not responsible for any errors or defects in Rankinity, or for any other form of incorrect operation of the Rankinity service. Also Rankinity company does not accept any responsibility for the suitability of Rankinity for the intended purposes of the User.

The User is responsible for any use of Rankinity service and Rankinity data that violates these Terms of Use, as well as for any other improper or illegal use of Rankinity.

If the User uses Rankinity or Rankinity data in an unacceptable way, the User is solely responsible for all resulting losses.

Neither the User nor Rankinity are responsible for failure to fulfill their obligations caused by force majeure.

User info

Any information or materials submitted by the User to Rankinity, regardless of form, will, unless otherwise expressly indicated by the User, be treated as non-confidential and not copyrighted.

Information and materials submitted by the User to Rankinity, explicitly marked as confidential, will be treated as such. Rankinity will take all reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of such information and materials.

Final provisions

These Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy, constitute the one and only agreement between the User and Rankinity.

The user acknowledges that, in accepting these Terms of Use, he did not rely on any preconditions of a contract or anything else that is not specified in these Terms of Use.

If any provision of these Terms of Use will hold invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use will not be affected by this, but will remain in full force and effect and will be binding on the User.

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