How to check your SEO keyword ranking in Google?

February 09, 2022

Our free ranking tool can help you determine your site's SEO ranking and find high-traffic keywords that will bring you to the top of Google search results!

The first step to get your rankings data in Analytics is to link your account to Google Webmaster Tools (for instructions, read this). Then go to Acquisition > Search Console > Queries to view all the keywords that your website is ranking for.

How do I find my keyword ranking on Google?

If you want to find your keyword rankings for Google with Google Search Console, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Google Search Console.
  2. Enter your keyword and hit “Enter” or click the search button.
  3. View the search results and “Search performance for this query” box.

How do I check my SEO ranking?

SEO Tracking Metrics That Matter

  1. Organic traffic. One of the most important metrics for measuring SEO results is organic traffic.
  2. CTR.
  3. Keyword rankings.
  4. Domain authority.
  5. New backlinks and referring domains.
  6. Page speed.
  7. The use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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