Top 10 Geography APIs

12 months ago on August 09, 2023

Geography is the study of the Earth and the relationships between the places of Earth's surface and people's interactions with it. Elements of geography include physical systems (spatial area, rivers, mountains, valleys, oceans, etc.), and human systems (political, cultural, social, populations, and economics across locations). With this broad of a category, developers can find endless uses to add geographical data to improve their applications. To do this, they would need Geography APIs.

What is a Geography API?

A Geography API is an Application Programming Interface that can be used by developers to retrieve data about geography or enable geographic functions for their own applications.

1. World API

The World APITrack this API is an independent project that uses official demographic data produced by the United Nations to project individual life expectancy by date and place of birth. Determine world population rank, calculate life expectancy, retrieve population tables, and more with the API.

2. Golf-Course Database API

Golf-Course Database APITrack this API offers detailed information about golf courses from over 39,000 golf courses around the world, 108 different fields for each club, plus offers rigorous data quality verification.

3. GeoDB Cities API

The GeoDB REST APITrack this API offers global city and region data. API operations include determining the distance between cities, finding nearby cities, and support for city autocomplete as well as retrieval of city details, countries, country details, region details, currencies, locales, and time-zones. Results are displayable in multiple languages.

4. World Tides API

Use the World Tides APITrack this API to retrieve tidal information for anywhere in the world. The API will return information on: the coordinates of the closest point where tidal information is available, the height of tides at a given time, or tidal data so that users can calculate tide heights at a given time.

5. Geobytes Get City Details API

The Geobytes Get City Details APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve city attributes for a location given as an IP Address, latitude/longitude, Fully Qualified City Name (FQCN), or Geobytes Location Code. It also has an optional parameter that lets users set the default location the API will return if it's unable to determine the location of an IP Address. This API is the free version of Geobytes' legacy IP Locator API.

6. Planet Analytics API

Planet provides daily satellite Earth imagery and insights. The Planet Analytics APITrack this API is a RESTful service that provides programmatic access to interface with Planet Analytic Feeds, which are feeds of data derived from satellite imagery such as building detection (construction, urban growth & plan future development), road detection, well pad detection (to monitor oil and gas construction across basins) and more. The Analytics API provides operations for working with feeds, subscriptions, and collections of results.

7. Bing Maps Elevation API

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services' Bing Maps Elevations APITrack this API enables users to retrieve elevation values for a set of locations, a poly-line path or area on the Earth. Bing Maps Local Business Search API Track this API returns a list of business entities centered around a location or a geographic region.

8. Cicero API

The Cicero APITrack this API geocodes addresses and matches them to legislative districts and elected official contact information. State and national data is available for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the United States, and Mexico. In addition to geocoding addresses and matching them to the correct legislative districts, Cicero returns maps of each district and detailed information about each elected official including office addresses, emails, and social media identifiers. Cicero also provides non-legislative district matching for census data, counties, school districts, watersheds, and police districts.

9. Mapbox API

Mapbox is a suite of open source mapping tools. The Mapbox APITrack this API can be used to create interactive maps using a wide range of file formats and databases. It also allows users to host their maps so that they can be embedded on webpages and shared with a wider audience. All maps created using Mapbox are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

10. API is a Platform that lets users create maps and markers for anything - and it's built atop a powerful API. The APITrack this API allows you to create markers and maps without Authentication. Markers include observation points, wind turbines, homes, houses, hospital, bakery, train station restaurants and more.

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