Sellzone by Semrush celebrates its first year of operation and launches three new tools

9 months ago on August 08, 2023

Sellzone, an Amazon seller and agency toolkit powered by Semrush, the leading SaaS platform for managing online leads, is celebrating one year since the launch of the Amazon Seller Toolkit with three new tools. The arrival of these features makes the toolkit a competitive player in the Amazon SEO, PPC and product research tools market.

Alexander Atzik, Sellzone's CEO, commented, "In the year since the official launch of the Sellerly toolkit [note: Sellzone's former name], we have passed several important milestones, starting with the renaming and rebranding in May 2021. The new name "Sellzone" was well received by our community, and the new easy-to-remember star logo further reinforced the new brand. Throughout this year, we continued to work closely with Amazon sellers and experts to develop tools and features to meet their most pressing needs, including the highly sought-after Amazon Organic report, commonly known as reverse ASIN search. We took the first step towards Amazon PPC with the PPC Optimizer tool and released the free Amazon Product Research tool."

Recently launched Sellzone tools and features include:

  • TheKeyword Wizard tool is an Amazon keyword research tool with a database of over 200 million keywords that allows sellers to improve the visibility of listings on Amazon by finding high-frequency search queries to rank for.
  • Amazon Organicreport in the Traffic Insights tool - analyzing keywords that drive internal organic traffic to Amazon listings, as well as tracking and analyzing the performance of competitor listings. With the introduction of the new Amazon Organic report, Sellzone's Amazon Traffic Insights tool has become the most advanced reverse ASIN research tool on the market.
  • Amazon PPC Optimizer tool - helps Amazon sellers launch and manage Amazon ad campaigns on Amazon by building a semantic core and tracking performance.
  • Amazon Product Research tool - identifies the most profitable products and categories to sell on Amazon, provides an FBA calculator, and shows a breakdown of Amazon's fees associated with selling a specific item.

Sellzone's other tools are:

  • Listing Quality Check - review listing content for potential suspension threats and compliance with Amazon guidelines, and provide practical tips on how to improve listing performance.
  • Listing Protection - monitors listings of sellers' own or competing products and notifies users via email or SMS of various changes in product listings.
  • Split testing - automated split testing of product pages to determine which parameters perform better in ads based on live testing data.

"With over 1.3 million new sellers on Amazon since 2020, the bigger the marketplace gets, the harder it is for brands to stay competitive. Sellzone is helping sellers meet this challenge by not only continuing to address their core needs, but also expanding Sellzone's tool set with Semrush's significant expertise in SEO and digital marketing. For example, our Traffic Insights tool provides a broad view of traffic to Amazon listings, including analytics on external traffic sources such as Google Organic and Referral traffic. Tools that provide such a comprehensive picture are rare in this market, and Traffic Insights has attracted the attention of many experts and has been mentioned at offline and online events," added Alexander Attsik.

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