Review of Rank Math SEO plugin – See the difference

2 years ago on October 21, 2022

As you know, Rank Math is one of the SEO plugins that help you rank your website. Rank math allows you to analyze the performance of your site.

You can measure and analyze your keyword rankings. You can easily import rank math if you are using any other SEO tools. Rank Math is fully compatible with both WordPress and any kind of editor.

While working on SEO, many factors hinder your website performance, but rank math will quickly identify issues based on unknown factors that are slowing your site’s performance. Rank Math will allow you to work effectively without any repetitive work and optimize your posts to rank your website on that particular topic.

So, if you are willing to set up a rank math plugin in WordPress, you can easily set up with the step-by-step installation and configuration wizard. Installing Rank Math will verify your site’s settings and recommend the best locations.

Now lets discuss some of features of rank math, and here it goes...

  1. You can make changes on your meta descriptions and meta tags.
  2. You can do your own keyword research and you will get suggestions on keyword box while doing keyword searching which you can use too.
  3. It will also help you to make your content readability and check your keyword density for your targeted and focused keyword.
  4. Rank Math will suggest table of content for your blog post that will help you to analyse things better.
  5. Rank Math make sure that your blog meets the standard of SEO ranking through analysing things of your blog post like length, meta descriptions, tags, keywords and many more.
  6. It has great user interface that you would smoothly use it with good performance of it.

Next special thing about rank math is, it is free where you will be using all its features of SEO optimization where you may need to purchase premium version in Yoast for using same features as that in rank math.

Rank Math has a clean and straightforward user interface that you would quickly figure out how to use in your way.

It designs to perform accurately a the right time and make your site perform well on google. It has the feature of giving preview to make you visualize how your site will look at google.

Rank Math is always on top of performance, and it has no compromise on its performance and usability. Functionality and performance have been one of the top priorities of Rank Math.

It is one of the industry-leading plugins based on SEO. Rank Math has the industry-best support team, which helps you anytime, whenever you need help.

Rank Math has one solution for all SEO needs. It has features that run 30 helpful SEO tests to ensure that your site will configure. For instance, SEO Analyzer, Google Search Console, Keyword Ranking, Schema Markup, Secure code, and Privacy with 24 x 7 customer support.

According to Rank Math,” Rank Math is the Swiss army knife of SEO tools for gives you complete control over your entire website’s on-page SEO.”

Rank math uses a powerful google indexing API which is complicated and time-consuming if we try that. But Don’t worry!!

Rank Math uses that and googles indexing API. If you publish or update your post, this instant indexing plugin will help you get indexed quicker. It will also help you to remove the seat from Google SERPs.

We have talked a lot of posts about rank math, but now if you are here just to switch from Yoast to rank math or any other SEO Plugin to Rank Math, then let’s talk about that,

You can import your data from Yoast SEO, to rank math by using rank math’s import tool for transferring all your information from Yoast to rank math.

Rank math has memory usage of +0.35MB, page speed of +0.03s.

It has average rating of 4.9 with advance google analytics integration, keyword rank tracker, the most advanced schema generator, SEO performance Email Reports, white labelled Email Reports, import schema from any website, speak able schema, google trends integration, google News SEO sitemap, image SEO PRO, Local SEO PRO with Multi locations, woo commerce SEO PRO, Complete EDD SEO, Advanced POST etc.

How you can download RankMath?

You can download rankmath through two different ways. you can do it through WordPress by searching on WordPress plugin search or else you can got rank math website and download it over there too.

Maybe all the above things go above your head, but Rank Math is the best of the best. You can start using it by today and make your website perform well and optimized.

Analysing all those things about Rank Math, you gotta know many things regarding how it performs and how it will benefit you and your site.

Nevermind, I must say it is one of the best out of best that you could invest on SEO plugin. When it comes to investment, people will not hesitate because, they are gonna to get good return out of it, so you will also make good out of it, if you are gonna to invest on this rank math plugin and make things on your favour through rank math SEO plugins. if you like this blog post, please let me know through comment box.

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