MUM, Updates, Titles, Ranking Factors & More

12 months ago on August 07, 2023

This month, we had the big Google Search On event where Google touted how it will be using MUM in more places in Google Search, plus a bunch of other big announcements, so check that out. We also had several unconfirmed Google Search algorithm updates this past month. Also, the page experience update is fully live. Google tweaked the title change to show your title tags more often but is it enough? Google said that it is moving away from talking about 200+ ranking signals going forward.

Those were the big changes this past month but we also had a ton of SEO tips from Google, as I listed below including a brand new e-commerce SEO best practices guide from Google. Google also said some lead generation forms can confuse Google. Google may smack down on recipe rich result spam in a big way. Danny Sullivan did a Q&A with news publishers on Google News.

Google Search Console had huge issues this past month. But they did launch more granular errors for products structured data. There was a number of Google My Business and local changes and some changes that upset automobile retailers.

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