Moz Releases SEO Tool, Blueshift Updates Customer Data Platform & More CX News

12 months ago on August 01, 2023

Moz releases new SEO tool, Blueshift updates customer data platform (CDP) and more CX news

Moz, which produces search engine optimization technology, has announced the launch of True Competitor. This new tool, currently in beta, joins a suite of research tools within Moz Pro. It is designed to help users identify a website's true competitors competing for top spots in search engine result pages (SERPs).

According to Moz officials, True Competitor can identify up to 25 top SERP competitors based on an analysis of 500 SERPs. The tool will then list these domains in descending order by a new proprietary metric, Rivalry. Rivalry scores sites on a scale of 1-100. It looks into a site's Domain Authority (DA), their competitor site's DA, keyword overlap, keyword volume and ranking performance. 

Ziflow Updates Ziflow Connect

Ziflow, a content review and approval solution for agencies and brands, has announced the next generation of Ziflow Connect, a suite of integrations and automations. Company officials said the updated suite is designed to enable marketing and creative teams to streamline production of creative content.

Connect is also designed to support workflows that unite with applications to automate production tasks, such as proof and folder creation and file conversions and sharing. The tool is composed of Flow Builder, App Plugins such as for the Adobe Creative suite and the Ziflow API.

Blueshift Unveils Latest SmartHub CDP Version

Blueshift has announced the next evolution of its AI-powered SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP). The company has extended its journey orchestration across customer experience touch points including support, commerce, sales, loyalty, product and other CX channels. It also launched its new App Hub and next-generation Omnichannel Journey Builder. Blueshift's new advanced capabilities and partner ecosystem will be available this month.

Company officials said the capabilities will help users orchestrate customer experience through traditional CDPs and Campaign Management Platforms (CMPs), merging the benefits of each. Blueshift's next-generation Omnichannel Journey builder provides trigger options, filters, campaign controls and testing options. Blueshift's suite of AI offerings, including Predictive Channel and Engage Time Optimization, are directly available inside the journey builder and help marketers present the most relevant content in the right channel and at the right time.

CallMiner Partners With Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

CallMiner, a provider of conversation analytics, has announced it is enabling organizations to use the CallMiner Eureka Platform with Microsoft Azure Speech to Text as a unified solution. Azure customers now have access to CallMiner as an out-of-the-box call center analytics solution via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

This means they can access Microsoft audio-to-text transcriptions of contact center interactions that are ingested by the CallMiner AI-powered platform both in real time and batch (post call). Azure customers can also use their existing Azure credits, as part of the Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), to acquire CallMiner with Azure Speech to Text.

IAPP Appoints Fennessy as Chief Knowledge Officer

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has appointed former IAPP Research Director Caitlin Fennessy, CIPP/US, as vice president and chief knowledge officer, following the departure of Omer Tene. Tene left the position to join Goodwin's Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity practice as partner. Tene will continue sharing his knowledge with the privacy community as an IAPP Senior Westin Fellow. 

Fennessy, who is the former Privacy Shield director at the U.S. International Trade Administration, will guide the strategic development of the organization’s research, publications, communications and programming as chief knowledge officer.

She joined the IAPP in 2019 as research director. Fennessy spent 10 years working on international privacy and cross-border data flow policy issues before joining the IAPP. She also served as an adjunct professor of international privacy law at the University of Maine School of Law and University of New Hampshire School of Law and previously worked in the National Security Division of the Office of Management and Budget and with the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

HubSpot Names Stephanie Cuthbertson New Chief Product Officer

HubSpot, a marketing and customer experience software provider, has announced that Stephanie Cuthbertson has joined the executive leadership team as chief product officer. Cuthbertson joins HubSpot from Google where she spent eight years leading product management, design, and UX in Google Ads and Android.

As HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer, Cuthbertson will lead product management, product design, and UX research organizations in close partnership with the company's engineering team.

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