Google Rolls Out New Tools and Features for Marketers During Shopping Season

2 years ago on October 19, 2022

Google has released new tools to help marketers and organizations set up more accurate measurements, optimize campaigns, and reach new customers this holiday season.

Google Introduces New Recommendations

As part of the new tools to enhance the accuracy and actionability of measurement, the search engine giant has introduced privacy-safe solutions, such as enhanced conversions. Further, to make it easier for marketers to use these solutions, Google has introduced new recommendations. These recommendations can help marketers set up improved conversions, consent mode, and Google Analytics 4.

To optimize campaigns more efficiently, the company has added a few recommendations for shopping campaigns. Additionally, Google’s new Smart Shopping campaigns Performance Comparison tool allows marketers to compare week-over-week split test performance between Standard Shopping and Smart Shopping campaigns. Users of Google Ads using Smart Shopping campaigns traffic split beta can use this tool.

Further, Google has made it possible for marketers to apply more recommendations automatically. Google will apply the recommendations of choice when there are new opportunities once marketers opt-in. Users can change or opt-out of the selections when they want.

To reach more potential customers, Google has released keyword recommendations. To provide better keyword suggestions, the company considers more signals. Finally, to help marketers apply and dismiss recommendations at scale, the company has also introduced more recommendations, which are available in the Google Ads API.

Google Rolls App Campaigns for Engagement Without Manual Deep Linking

Besides the new recommendations, Google has made it possible for advertisers to eliminate the need for manual deep linking in the app campaigns for engagement.

Historically, advertisers have been using Google’s app campaigns for engagement to re-engage with customers who have already installed the brands’ apps on their Android devices. However, advertisers manually implemented deep linking to run their campaigns. Now, Google is offering advertisers an option where they do not need to perform deep linking.

The move comes as a result of advertisers complaining that implementing deep links was difficult. The new option makes it possible to direct app users to the homepage directly from the ad even if the app does not have deep links implemented. According to Google, this will help drive better outcomes as 74% of consumers will more likely remain loyal to the brand if the app is easy to use.

Why This Is Important

Business dynamics and consumer behavior have changed significantly over the last 1.5 years, primarily due to the pandemic. On the one hand, consumer sentiment has gone up in recent months. According to a recent study by McKinsey, consumer sentiment and spending remained strong from July through August this year, particularly among the younger consumers and high-income groups. At the same time, they also expect better customer experience, personalization and relevance, especially when it comes to online shopping. According to PwC’s June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, consumers ranked personalization, seamless digital experience, and enjoyable experience as some of the top-ranking factors that will influence them to stay loyal to a brand.

As such, retail businesses should ensure their campaigns reach the right audience and their campaign measurements are highly accurate to deliver a better experience. Given that Google Ads is one of the most popular ways of running ad campaigns, the new tools and features by the company can be expected to help marketers and advertisers during the upcoming shopping season.

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