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12 months ago on August 07, 2023

You wonder why you need a live rank checker if you can just enter your keyword on Google? The answer is simple: Google personalizes your results. Depending on which terms you search for more frequently, your results are adjusted. The problem with this is that you don't get objective rankings which you can compare with other persons or other devices.

With our free live rank checker, you will get neutral Google ranking data which is the same for every user. Although our tool uses the regular Google engine, it is not influenced by personalized settings, so that you can check the actual SEO ranking of your website.

How to turn off personalization

Generally, personalizing search results for each user is not a bad idea. Topics and websites that you search for and visit very frequently are obviously very important and relevant for you. Therefore, Google adjusts its keyword rankings accordingly. For everyday use, this may be an advantage, but the problem with this is that the results are no longer comparable. If you now want to determine the "neutral" SEO ranking of your website, you have different possibilities to minimize personalization:

  • Tip 1: Use private mode

    Switch to "private mode" (Firefox) or "InPrivate" (Internet Explorer) in your browser and repeat your query. Now it is executed without cookies and the rankings should change noticeably.

  • Tip 2: Delete cookies

    Delete all browser cookies, restart your browser and repeat your search.

  • Tip 3: Disable browser cookies

    Disable cookies in your browser settings. But be careful: some websites and especially Google services (e.g. Gmail) will not work if cookies are blocked.

  • Tip 4: Use private search engines

    Use a private search engine such as It also uses the Google engine, but searches without cookies and thus displays a more neutral ranking.

  • Tip 5: Disable Google’s Personal Web Search

    Add the parameter "&pws=0″ to the URL of a search results page to disable "personal web search" (short "pws").

  • Tip 6: Use a SEO Ranking Checker

    Using a live SEO ranking checker like this one is the fastest and easiest way to get neutral Google rankings.

Disable Google Ads, Universal Search, and local results

Google's search results are influenced and personalized by many different factors. Google uses GPS data or your IP address to determine your location and, depending on the keyword, displays local results on the first results page. Thus, regular organic results are moved downwards. Besides, Google’s Ads are often listed at the beginning of each page (marked with "ad"). If your search also fits the category "transactional" (e.g. "men's sports shoes black"), the results are usually also enriched with pictures or videos. Checking your SEO rankings by googling your keywords can thus require a lot of time and still not deliver neutral results. Also most of the methods mentioned above (private mode, delete/disable cookies, private search engines, disable "personal web search") only partially neutralize rankings, because Google’s ads will still remain at the top of the page. The only exception: a live SEO ranking checker that will show you the neutral ranking of your website on Google.

Using a live rank checker makes things easier

If you want to check your SEO rankings on Google and don’t want to count the results individually, only a live rank checker can help. Simply enter your keyword (this can also be a group of words or a phrase) and add your domain. By clicking on "Check ranking", your ranking is retrieved within seconds. Another advantage for SEO: our live checker also shows how many result hits were found for your keyword and how high the monthly search volume and CPC (cost per click) for Google Ads is.

Google Top 100 Search Results

Another helpful feature of the free live rank checker: Google’s top 100 results. We show you the first 100 hits for your keyword including meta title and meta description. Your keyword is highlighted so that you can quickly scan all the results.

Especially in the field of SEO, it’s important to check your relevant keywords regularly. Our free keyword tool can save you a lot of time in your daily SEO work. Check your rankings for your most important keywords with ease and get a neutral result list within seconds - no login or registration necessary.

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