Google My Business users report ranking issue and decline in traffic

11 months ago on August 08, 2023

Started in 2011, Google My Business is a program launched by the Mountain View-based tech giant that aims to increase the web footprint of small businesses.

The platform provides SEO tips for free and helps them reach more customers by updating their information on Google. The community-based organization has brought together owners, members, and local leaders together.

However, the service has had its fair share of hiccups with users recently complaining that their businesses were getting suspended for no reason at all while others said that the Info tab was not working for them.

Google My Business increases a business’s presence by listing them on Google Maps and ranking them on search. Customers can leave reviews with owners able to respond to the reviews. All in all, it is a great tool for those looking to expand their reach.

Having said that, it looks like a new issue is plaguing many. Google My Business users are now reporting that they are having issues ranking their business on the platform.

Many say that even though they have verified their business, it is not showing up in Google Search. This is really worrisome for those who use the platform to increase reach and revenue.

I have a verified My Business account. When I manage my profile, I can “View on Search” and “View on Maps”. Here’s the link to my business profile: GMB LINK I have following what google recommends and fill up all (I assume) the necessary data, keep posting, uploaded photos, videos, reply reviews, adding FAQs…. For a year now, try and error, my GMB ranking is still far behind all competitors around. The only problem I had found so far is a duplicate location at the same address of our shop before. I just remove it a few months ago. I really need some expert help. thx.

I manage the digital presence, including the Google Business listing, for Payroll Setup. When you search for the business, their web page comes up first but the business listing does not. When I search for “payroll setup princeton” the business listing comes up. The information, so far as I can see, is perfectly in line with the content/data on the website. I’m not sure what steps I can take to mitigate this issue. The only potential cause I can come up with for this issue is that the business is based out of a co-working space with other businesses. Thank you in advance for any insight and feedback.

Why is my business not showing on google search My business is not showing on google or on google search but it’s verified.

With some reports dating back a few months, it looks like the issue has been affecting business rankings on Google My Business for quite a while. But that does not seem to be the end of it.

Many are also saying that they lost their ranking or it is significantly down after their business was reinstated. Business owners say this has impacted their revenue and even resulted in some financial losses.

The issue seems to be affecting those whose businesses were suspended due to a recent bug. Since the root cause of the issue is still unknown, many are confused about what to do to restore their rankings.

So service area businesses appear to be having a ranking issue. I have talked to a few franchises we work for and it appears that since June there has been a serious decline in traffic and leads only on SAB’ s Anyone else seeing this?

I was seeing record growth in traffic from our GMBs up until around mid June, and have seen pretty much nothing but dramatic decline since then. Pretty much all SABs.

Having said that, we’ll keep an active track of the developments on this one and update the story, as and when required.

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