Google Gives Podcasts Their Own Knowledge Panels

12 months ago on August 01, 2023

There is a wide range of ways in which users can take advantage of Google’s search engine results, and the tech giant has different kinds of arrangements for them as well. A big part of this is the knowledge panel, which is basically the long sideways rectangle that you might see on the right of the SERP that you would get when you put in some kind of a search query.

This knowledge panel essentially provides you with a summary of information regarding your search query. Most often the knowledge panel is sourced through Wikipedia especially if you have searched for a general knowledge topic that most likely has an article on that platform already. Alternatively, you might see a knowledge panel from IMDB if your search was movie related, or from any other large database of information so that you can get as much information as possible without clicking away from Google.

It turns out that podcasts are going to be getting their own knowledge panel as well. If you enter a search query that references a podcast of some sort, for example "Thought Behind Things", this would result in you seeing a knowledge panel that tells you all about it on the right hand side of your screen.

This is a truly great development for podcasts since people that search for related queries might end up stumbling across the knowledge panel and potentially get interested in the podcast and check it out. This can drive more traffic to a lot of podcasts, and it is a testament to the popularity of this form of content that it has managed to get the kind of reach that it currently has with Google specifically creating a knowledge panel for it. This will most definitely give users the chance to obtain more information about anything that matters to them at this present moment.

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