Get Your Business Seen on Google in US Using SEO

2 years ago on October 19, 2022

If you want more people to see your business in US when they search for products or services that you offer, then make sure to use Google My Business. As a local business, you need to have a Google My Business account.

But just by opening an account, you will not get results. You need to follow a few steps to optimize your Google My Business profile to get a higher rank in local searches. So here are some proven and effective methods that you can try to get more recognition on Google. If you are not a technical guy and don’t know anything about SEO, we highly recommend you hire an SEO agency US.

Steps to Get Your Business Seen on Google:

1. Verify Your Business

This is the first thing you need to follow to make a strong online presence. Google will send you a 4-digit PIN that takes 14 days to arrive to check your business is legitimate. Before that, you have to give all the required information. There are many optional fields, but it would be great if you filled them all. 

Write the business name correctly and double-check everything when you are done. Add service and products that your business offers, and you can add a video to get an extra advantage. You need to add a phone number, website link, operating hours, logo, service area details, address, maps, and cover photo to get better results.

2. Try to Get More Reviews

Reviews are the most important part of a business that encourages other people to buy from you. After building a good Google My Business profile, you need to get good reviews from the customers. Having good reviews will boost your local SEO and help the customers know about the quality of your product or services.

Encourage your clients to give you a written review because getting a long text positive review is better than getting only a five-star rating. Make sure to reply to the reviews that will help you make a better connection with your existing customers.

3. Keep Everything Relevant and Accurate

Accuracy is the key to success in the search result. Local searches prioritize relevant searches, and businesses with more accurate and detailed information will get better ranks. Make sure your business listing communicates with what your company does, what the location is, and the services or goods it provides.

To make your business more relevant, try to use keywords and phrases in your business listing, and it will be very helpful. Keep the phone number, address, business hours, and every other detail accurate.

4. Add Photos, Videos, and Blog Posts

Adding photos and videos can help business listing performance better. Businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for direction on Google maps. It can show how much photos can have an impact on your business. You don’t have to keep the photos professional as semi-professional photos also work better.

Similarly, you can add videos of your services, company, or products. Blog posts play a major part in boosting the rank of your business. You can publish relevant blog posts, stories, and events to generate more business opportunities.

Final Words

If your customers are looking for your local business, then you need to keep your digital presence ready all the time. If you have a solid online presence, you will automatically generate more leads and get a higher conversion rate. With Google My Business, you will be able to position related and crucial business information in front of your customers.

It will help you with your local SEO and give you a chance to engage with your customers. Most importantly, it is free of cost, and you don’t have to pay a penny for using all the valuable tools for interacting with your customers and boosting your business revenue.

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