3 Ways to Check if Google Search Results Are Safe or Not Before Clicking

2 years ago on October 18, 2022

Google happens to be the primary source of information for most of us. The search results that are provided by Google come from various sources. Mostly the top search results are from some popular websites but sometimes, there might be some results that are from sites that you haven’t heard about before. But, are all search results safe to open? What if your data gets stolen as soon as you click the link? Don’t Worry, in this article, we are listing 3 easy ways to check if the Google search results are safe or not?

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Check Google Search Results Are Safe or Not

1. Use Google’s ‘About This Result’ Feature

Google recently launched this new feature to provide you a description of the website in your Search Results. These results are from Wikipedia and are mostly up-to-date verified and have been updated by tons of volunteers around the world. To use this feature-

1. Simply click the three dots icon in front of each search result.

2. Here, you will see a new “About This Result” section on Google.

You can know more about the link that appeared in your search result in this section and it also tells if it is secure or not. This way you can determine if a website is safe to visit.

2. Use a Google Chrome Extension

This method involves installing a Google Chrome Extension to your browser which automatically checks if a search result link is safe to visit or not. One such extension is WebSecurerr Browser Protection which automatically filters and blocks search results that are dangerous to access.

1. To install this, search for ‘Chrome Web Store’ on Google, and then in the search bar type ‘WebSecurerr Browser Protection’ and hit enter.

2. Next, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install the Extension.

3. Further, Click on ‘Add Extension’ when the prompt Appears.

That’s it. The safety extension has been installed on your browser and it will automatically filter and block all search results that are malicious or dangerous to visit.

3. Use a ‘Link-Checker’ Website

This is another useful way to check if a website or a link present in your google search result is safe to visit. There are lots of reliable ‘Link-Checker’ websites that are available online to determine if the given URL contains any malware to harm you.

To scan the URL, simply paste the link to the search bar to know if contains any malware. There are lots of trusted link checkers like Google Transparency Report Checker, NORTON Check, ScanURL, and many more.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the ways by the help of which you can ensure that your Google Search Results are safe or not before clicking. If you like this article and have learned something new, please share it with your friends and help them be safe. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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