15 Ways To Help Boost Your Website Ranking

10 months ago on August 08, 2023

In today's high-tech world, a lot of people have become dependent on the internet. It comes as no surprise then that every day around 3.5 billion Google searches are made. Millions and millions of people visit different websites for various reasons. It is often based on searches and the set of rules the search engine used has set up. In order to benefit from the way internet users discover sites through search, it is very important for you to work toward a high website ranking. When it comes to your business, a strong ranking can help boost success. 

Based on my experience helping businesses improve ranking, I've come up with ways you can help boost your own ranking. So, now let us begin!

1. Mobile-friendly is key. It is very important that in these modern times you have a mobile-friendly website. Expanding your site to mobile will help you reach a wider audience.  

2. Understand Google Analytics. One of the best steps to improve SEO is to understand Google Analytics. A better understanding of the framework will help you not only learn your website but make intelligent decisions. 

3. Image SEO can help. Image SEO is something to pay attention to as it can help with reaching a higher rank. You can take advantage of this type of SEO by adding alt tags to your images to build on the overall SEO value of your website. 

4. Focus on low-performing pages. On your website, make sure there is interesting content for visitors. One way to make sure the content is working for you is to pick low-performing pages to update with new content for a refresh. 

5. Content is the king. To make sure that there is a boost in the ranking of your website, make sure you continually update old content with new content. This will improve the click rate, correct mistakes and enhance the content's accuracy.

6. Remember keywords. Keywords help with your SEO ranking — if you are using relevant primary and secondary keywords.

7. Add a jump link. A jump link can help you make the most of keywords. Add it to the top of your web pages so you can use header tages creatively. This will also help you attract the Google Featured Snippets tool to highlight your website's info in a Google search results page.

8. Meta description and URL. Each of these plays an important role in helping Google understand your content. Make these clear and concise — while including keywords to help support a higher ranking.

9. The loading time. If you can, ensure the loading time on top-performing pages is low. You can use an auditing tool to better understand the speed of your website.

10. Internal linking. Make sure your website pages are more visible with internal linking. It helps make sure your pages are constantly visible when users search using relevant terms.

11. Fix 'Error 404.' These pages will not help your website ranking, so fix them when you find them.

12. Consider a schema. This structured data on your website gives search engines more to pull from — which can impact your ranking. 

13. Keep an eye on log files. Analyzing the log files on your website helps you identify the errors, find pages that are often crawled and also shows where the crawl budget is going — and potentially wasted. 

14. Add a topic cluster. A topic cluster groups pieces of content that show multiple links on related topics.

15. Keep learning. Use your website analytics so you can continually learn about where you need to work. Keep a tack on the bounce rate, average time spent on the website and make time to learn about the traffic source. 

Each of these tips can be utilized on their own or combined to help you with your website's success. All you need to focus on is building them into your regular work and using them wisely to get the results you want for your agency's website.

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