Website rank tracking in real time

Check your website positions and analyze your competitors in popular search engines

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Measure Your Internet Visibility

Stop riding blind! With Rankinity you can quickly get a visual representation of your website Internet visibility.

Real-time check of hundreds of keywords in multiple search engines including local search by countries and cities allows you to estimate your standings, reveal weaknesses in your promotion strategy and make necessary adjustments. And with detailed reports and automatic analysis of competition you will find the real effect of your SEO activity.

Compare Your Positions to Competitors

Be proactive! Remember, your competitors are not sleeping. Analyze competition for your target keywords with Rankinity and find out which of your rivals are the most dangerous, for what keywords your site underperforms, and does your Internet visibility matches competitors.

Search position history represents competition dynamics, while visual inforgraphics allows you to estimate the situation in a glance. With the Rankinity service you can analyze your competitors just as easy as your own website!

Analyze Your Standings Over Time

By not considering history we are doomed to repeat it! Only regular analysis of the data on past positions of the website and matching them with actual SEO actions taken allows to reveal the most efficient promotion methods.

Rankinity delivers opportunity to analyze search engine data over time in all details using handy spreadsheets, custom and group filters and easy to comprehend diagrams. Plot graphs, export data for further research and build your super-efficient SEO strategy!

Enhance Your Promotion Strategy

Search engine optimization isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. Even an ideally optimized site tends to lose its rankings with the lapse of time, if its owner doesn’t put much into promotion.

Rankinity helps you to evaluate the success rate of your SEO and promotion activity and therefore to start acting differently if old methods have stopped working. Find out the most efficient SEO channels and focus your efforts on them, enhance your promotion strategy with Rankinity!