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Check your blog post ranking using Google Search Console.
hi this is Jillian with another episode of SEO easy-peasy because marketing your business online using SEO should be easy today we're going to talk about how to find out how a blog post you've written for is currently ranking and a lot of times you can go into Google search console and fiddle around but sometimes you just want a quick little way to check and that's what I'm going to show you how to do today I must going to show you how you can also check manually as well I don't usually recommend doing that and I'll tell you why in a minute so let's jump in so the first thing is I found a little website here called the search engine genie and it has a cute little checker there's no limit on this so you can kind of go in and do as many as you want to you don't pay for it it's a free service and it's pretty simple to use so what you would do is you would go in here and you would type in the name of your domain or of course you could just copy and paste it here is one it's the truth about SEO so here's my blog over here the truth about SEO and I want to see where exactly is this ranking at I have to put in the keyword so the keyword I optimized for was truth about SEO and I can specify for a particular country or I can just use it worldwide USA whatever so I'm going to just leave it for USA and then the little teeny CAPTCHA probably to stop spammy sites using this over and over again so you have to type in this little CAPTCHA but I think I can add three plus two so that equals five so let's go ahead and put five and then we just click Submit and it's pretty fast and it goes through and it shows me okay my keyword truth about SEO is ranking at position number 39 so that's for the entire world because that's what I said world USA so right now that blog post is ranking at 39 I'm going to go ahead and do another one let's do I think I have another one about a raindrop and it's in the middle of the blog post audit right now so I'm trying to get ideas of different different blogs on my website and which ones I should change and optimize and which ones do I have to fix so this one is called raindrop and I think the keyword was the best oh I wrote it down somewhere here it is I'll go ahead and put the keyword for that which was the best way to bookmark websites I think my captcha still holds of my three plus two so let's go ahead and click Submit and that one is ranking at position fifteen which is pretty good be nice of course it wasn't the top three that's what we're aiming for but sometimes you're just trying to do the best that you can getting to fifteen for that one maybe
Include Youtube video to improve your SEO ranking for free.
I'm gonna go back and I'm actually in the process of trying to figure out what can I do better about this one of the things that I have is I actually have a YouTube that I never really thought to include the YouTube right inside and actually the YouTube is doing really really well I've had thousands of views so that could be something very very simple that if I include the YouTube into the blog post maybe I can go from 15 to a little bit higher that's sort of the idea of what I'm doing so how would I check this manually because I told you you could do it manually what you would do is I would just go ahead and for that one let's go ahead and best way to bookmark websites here's the keywords and I have a neat little Chrome extension called the Google SERP counter and I actually like to use this this is just a nice little extension and if you add that and I turn that on it will reload the page and then look it actually goes ahead and puts the position number beside every single search results so I actually love to use this because I don't have to sit there counting one two there you go five and it skips the ads when it gets to like either an answer box or ads or something like that it skips the ads so it's only doing organic which is of course what we're interested in so if I wanted to search this and I wanted to find out where exactly do I hit for this first of all probably be a good idea to change my settings because this is only gonna show me if I go down to the bottom of the page actually I think I've already done it this will show me the first 50 because that's how I have it set if I wanted to go further I could click on settings search settings and I could actually you know you might say I only want to see 20 results per page I was set at 50 I could actually even make it go all the way up to 100 click here and go ahead and click Save
Why is manual search not always quite valid?
okay and I got a I'm not a robot alright okay so once you have changed your search results to be a hundred on a page then you can go through and find out exactly where your website is now of course you could sit here scrolling forever looking for your particular website but there is a way that you can do it quickly by just doing on a Mac its command + F and I believe on Windows it's probably a ctrl + F and then you just go ahead and type in the name of your website which I already have here and you hit enter and then boom it just goes exactly where you want it to go so right now I see that here's my website and my blog post and it's at number 14 which if we go back to the Google rank checker we see that it's one off so it's always going to be a little bit off because there's so many different things that can affect a manual search it could be based on your search history it can be based on your location all sorts of different things so that's why sometimes the manual search isn't quite valid but it's not going to be totally crazy it's just gonna be maybe just one or one or two well you know a few positions away sometimes I'll use a manual search just kind of gives me a good idea and I really like that so there you go I think this is a great little tool to use you can use this at any time just to see how your blog post is again if you want to check it if you were trying to optimize your blog post to be in a particular country Italy Spain you know Mexico whatever if you wanted to go in and select that particular country then you could narrow down your results and see how your blog post is ranking in that country as well I hope you found this episode of SEO easy-peasy helpful if you do I hope you'll give us a thumbs up or leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss the next episode of SEO easy-peasy

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