How to Check the Google Page Rank of a Website

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In this video will show you how to check the Google Page Rank of any website and will show you how to add code to your site that displays the current Google Page Rank of your website.

How to find your page rank?
today I'm going to show you how to find your Google Pagerank of really you can find the PageRank of any website so just if you're curious you can check it out I have the I'll put the link in the description but you can just go to my website all how to's calm and there's you just click on the article there and I'll bring you to this page where you can type in your address that you want to check so when you've decided that you want to check the PageRank then you just have to type in the address of the web page after this HTTP colon slash class you're gonna want to leave this on because that like it can clear up some confusion so just to keep it short leave that on and then you have to decide if you're gonna put the and all how to's com is different than wwl how to calm because all of my traffic from just regular all house to calm is forwarded to it really depends how your website's set up so if you don't know which you should put then just put and it's
Just put in CAPTCHA and see your page rank!
gonna take you to this website where it'll actually it'll just ask you to put in a CAPTCHA code and like this one is 2g 7-9 um 6 and then you hit verify now and then you'll see my pretty terrible PageRank of zero that I have right now this is because I haven't I've been recently putting a lot of new stuff on my site and it's been updated like I'm getting a lot more views and stuff now so but Google hasn't updated their PageRank since then so probably next time they update their PageRank then I'll jump to one or two but for now I'm still at zero they update it like once every six every three months or so so if you don't you're not gonna see it like change instantly or anything it's the only updated about four times a year so you're gonna have to wait a little while to see a different number here but as you can see like mine is a zero a well-known website like the New York Times if you check the PageRank of that it's gonna ask you to type in another CAPTCHA zn5 you a Z N and just hit verify now and you can see that New York Times is a nine out of ten I haven't found any websites that are ten out of ten I've heard that CNN used to be one but they're not anymore so I'm not sure what website actually gets a ten out of ten but if you want to add this checker thing to your website like I had on my website then you can just copy this HTML code down here and if you want something that's on your website that constantly shows what your page rank is then you can add one of these to get those there's an option at the bottom also link to this in the description click on this option down at the bottom and then it'll bring you to a new page where and that's what your website you want to put a checker for so if I did my website
How to show page rank widget on your website?
that one too far okay there we go so it'll look like this once you've pasted the HTML code in and if you want to see what the HTML code for my page looks like to see what that uh what the HTML from on although it's the same as what I just copied then you can right-click and say view source to view my HTML code but that's way above and beyond so so yeah that's basically all you have to do is check your PageRank is just put in the address here there will be a link to it in the description and then check it just like I did

Get 300 checks per month absolutely FREE!

No credit card needed. No strings attached. 👍