SEO Techniques: 7 Long-Term SEO Best Practices to Rank Higher on Google

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Check out our SEO Techniques tutorial where we cover some of the top long-term SEO strategies to rank higher on Google. It's very difficult to rank your website high on Google and consistely drive SEO traffic. That's why you need to focus on long-term strategies for your website like keyword research, tecnhical SEO, backlinks, content creation, content optimization, topic clusters, and content hubs. Ultimately, you want to create the best resources and organize your website so it is user-friendly and Google-friendly.

While my SEO tutorials generally follow a similar theme throughout, my goal is to give you simple and easy to use tips that you can follow with ease. You will never lose rankings if you avoid Black Hat SEO techniques and focus on White Hat SEO techniques.

Learn this 7 SEO techniques that are gonna work essentially forever.
what's up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel today I'm gonna be going over 7 SEO techniques and they're gonna be long-term techniques that are never gonna result in you getting a Google penalty so different search engine optimization strategies that are gonna work essentially forever so this is part 17 of my SEO tutorial playlist you can find the entire playlist in the video description if you want to go back and watch some of the other videos so we're gonna get right into this number 1 research your top 100 keywords you can pull more keywords but I would start with 50 to 100 keywords group them together so you want to take them by theme essentially what the topic is and group them by topics and subtopics and start planning some of your content so it sounds to what you want to do is take these keywords and create them into sort of topics and subtopics so you can start creating content around all these different keywords that are going to be relevant for your website so a quick example here for number one so if we're looking at landing pages the top five keywords for landing pages are landing page design tutorial examples builders WordPress for
Use keyword research tools to boost your website ranking.
keyword research its tools for SEO Google Keyword planner keyword research for Google Ads and competitor keyword research so what you want to do is you want to start by pulling in some of these top keywords for your business and then what you can do is start creating content around all these different keywords so something like landing page examples could be 10 awesome landing page examples you can learn from you could do landing page WordPress plugins you can do five easy ways to create landing pages with WordPress keyword research tools you might do something like ten keyword research tools so essentially what you want to do is take a keyword and create content that would satisfy the user intent when someone would search one of these keywords directly into Google when someone's looking for keyword research tools they want a long list of different keyword research tools some of the benefits the pros the cons they might want free options premium options so take all that into account as you're creating your content after you do your keyword research so that's gonna be number one number two is gonna be to create and/or update keyword focused content every
Create your content!
single day so if there's anything I can get across to you it's that consistency with creating content as you do your keyword research and you start to come up with your content strategy the next step is to consistently create content every day so the best way to do this is to come up with some sort of content calendar so the most basic look at a Content calendar would essentially be you creating different types of content you want to create around your top keywords so in this step you could do something like five landing page designs that you can learn from landing page tutorial for beginners so you can start coming up with what your content is gonna be about and then what you want to do is date each piece of content and you want to do this throughout the entire year so let's say you're starting January 1st start coming up with a calendar so you can remain consistent because that's gonna be the best way for you to consistently increase your rankings as well I'll tell you from everything I know about search engine optimization your website will stay Sagna or even decrease traffic if you don't work on it if you're not creating new pages of content for your top keywords now on the other hand if you're publishing something new every single day and keeping everything relevant and up-to-date so let's just say January 1st 2019 I start creating all this content then next year all I have to do is keep everything up to date just make sure everything's relevant if I have a landing page builder that people can no longer use just remove it from the article maybe put a new one in there that people can use if there's a new landing page WordPress plug-in just go back to each of these articles and make sure you're keeping them relevant over time so that's the best tip I can give you is to be consistent as you're creating content because if you create five posts this month and then you go to three months without creating anything you're gonna start losing rankings and I can tell you from experience that that's exactly what's gonna happen and on the flip side if you stay consistent you're gonna gain rankings you're gonna gain search engine traffic next is gonna be number three and number three is gonna be to focus on creating comprehensive content for one topic and all of its subtopics so the easiest example I can give you here is over the holiday season I created this article farmhouse Christmas decorations and holiday decor so this is a huge guide article and if
we come down here you can see browse this article so each individual link that you see here is gonna keep you on this page so if I go to farmhouse Christmas ornaments we're still in my farmhouse Christmas decorations page I listed some different ornaments for sale and what I did is I linked off to my farmhouse Christmas ornaments page so if someone clicks here they can go to see farmhouse Christmas ornaments and rustic ornaments so essentially what you want to do coming back over here it to use this one topic and create a comprehensive guide page and then create new pages for each individual subtopic so if we come back a few steps and we look at this example in step one what you would want to do is create a huge comprehensive guide to landing pages and then create each individual page of content here and link all these pages together so you have this comprehensive guide maybe rather than doing a ton of landing page examples in your comprehensive guide you do one or two examples and say if you want to see more examples check out the ten landing page examples we have here this shows that you're completely covering a subject all the topics and subtopics around one specific subject so if we come back over here and we're looking at just farmhouse Christmas decor so one of the main things is farmhouse Christmas decorations so I need to keep breaking that down from farmhouse to core farmhouse Christmas decor and then even into some of these farmhouse Christmas ornaments and some of these other things that people are looking for during the holiday season with a farmhouse theme make sure you're creating comprehensive content for one topic and each individual subtopic and use your keyword research to come up with these topics and subtopics and keep doing this over and over and over again number four is to create supporting visual content like videos images and infographics so me personally I do better with creating these videos and publishing them to my youtube channel I would say that's my number one priority and then the other thing I try to do is create blog posts for a lot of my different videos and then also create supporting images as well so when people need to see screenshots of how to do certain things or if I can create an infographic to give them just a quick overview of exactly what I'm creating content about for a quick example so on my website Surfside PPC comm if you come to this article SEO competitive analysis and competitor keyword research if we scroll down a little bit you can see that I have a video embedded here so it's a blog post I have a video here keep scrolling down I have a little infographic here so six step free SEO competitive analysis process so people can go through these step by step process if they want to learn more about specific steps they can keep scrolling down and reading the article and if we come over here so another blog post I have is Google search console so this is an example of a comprehensive guide page I have Google search console complete guide for 2020 if we scroll down I have my updated video tutorial here keeps going down I go through the step by step process verifying your website with a screenshot so people can easily learn how to do all these things especially if they're not familiar with using Google search console it's helpful to have a visual there so number four make sure you're creating the supporting visual content if it makes sense for your business videos images and infographics so it's really difficult as a business to create blog post videos images infographics so if you have to outsource some of these things that might be
Focus on several things first and then enhance your content.
something you want to do but when you're getting started I would say focus on just one or two things so maybe you just want to do blog posts make sure you have images there as well or if you're doing videos make sure that you're doing blog posts along with your videos so maybe you just want to focus on a couple of things at first and then start to enhance your content with infographics with more images and screenshots but people like to learn in different ways some people prefer video some people prefer to read so you want to make sure that you're creating content for every single type of learner so that's gonna be number four SEO technique number five is to essentially make sure you're staying organized with your website so your website architecture your internal links and creating these content hubs is really vital for the success of your website so starting with content hubs so with my farmhouse Christmas decorations article this is a content hub so I have this large comprehensive overview and then all of these different subtopics down here at the bottom and I have separate articles for each individual subtopic and the same thing over here with Surfside PPC so I have Google search console complete guide for 2020 I
How to create a content with SEO in mind?
also link to all of my other google search console articles on my website and I'll embed some of my other videos as well like tips and tricks and different things that people who might not be looking for a full tutorial looking for a little tips and best practices so essentially what you want to do is again creating that comprehensive content and creating these content hubs so even using the landing pages example earlier and the keyword research example earlier those would be examples of content hubs if you have one of these large comprehensive guide pages and then you also have subtopics as well that link off from that content hub that you've created internal links so that's the same exact thing you want to make sure that you're linking to all the different relevant pages on your website it not only helps Google index and crawl your website but it also helps people who are visiting your website to see some of these supporting pages if they want to continue to enhance their knowledge more and more about the topics that you're creating content about now website architecture you want to make sure you're staying as organized as possible as you're creating more and more pages of content and just pages on your website so you want to make sure you're creating categories here just a simple example if I have a shop page and let's say I have a furniture section there some of the different pages below furniture would be accent bedroom and living room and then within each of those you're gonna have even more categories or subcategories pages that would go back to the previous sub category so accent furniture you can see accent chairs tables benches bookshelves bedroom furniture bed frames dressers head boards so each of these you want to make sure that your website architecture is as organized as possible because then as Google is ranking your website they're gonna be able to say ok this website is very organized if someone comes to this website they're looking for bedroom furniture they're gonna be able to find exactly what they're looking for because the website is easy to use for the user while this seems really straightforward it's actually really difficult to keep your website organized as it continues to grow and grow because you may have hundreds or even thousands of pages that need to be organized so it's something that you do need to focus on because it helps the people who are visiting your website and
Verify your website with Google Search Console.
it helps Google rank you higher because your website is organized with a good architecture number six is to improve your top pages and optimize for your top search queries in Google search console so you want to make sure you verify your website with Google search console and once you have your website verified you're gonna be able to see your the performance of your website in the Google search engine so right now we're looking at beachfront decor calm one of my favorite things to do is just come in here and when you're in the performance report look at any set of dates and I look at clicks and impressions and I'll scroll down and looking at pages first here I'll just rank them by impressions and I'll look at what my top pages are by impressions you can look by clicks as well and then as I scroll down here I try to find areas where the clicks aren't matching up with the amount of impressions I'm getting so you can incorporate average CTR in here and look for these low average CTR pages you can use some different filters so as you create filters here you can create filters down here to look for pages that have a certain amount of impressions and a low click so generally what I'll do is I'll just look down the list and I can quickly pick out okay this page right here low click-through rate compared to these other pages keep coming down this page right here low click-through rate keep coming down and I just try to find some of these low click-through rate pages so here's a few more so if I see something here with 934 clicks and less impressions than some of these pages up here at the top then that means that there's some areas of opportunity for me here where maybe I need to improve my title tag maybe I need to enhance the existing content that I've created so there's a lot of opportunities you can find using the Google search console so as you start creating more and more of this content you can always find opportunities for optimization here looking at pages and then looking at queries here again I'll look at the top impressions and just try to find some of these queries that I can probably improve upon where I'm seeing these low clicks and a lot of impressions and you can do the same thing with clicks and look at some of the top pick clicks for individual search queries because it's just gonna help you find more and more ideas and opportunities on your website so if I scroll down here nautical lamps over 5,000 impressions and only six clicks over the last three months so this is a search query that I could definitely start to optimize a little bit better for so that I can increase this click-through rate and hopefully over time just continue to drive more and more impressions as well because that's how you're gonna drive more search engine traffic back to your website so number six make sure you're using the Google search console so you can improve those top pages and optimize for all those search terms that you're already ranking for number seven and last but not least is to increase backlinks to your website and use external links to other websites as well so backlinks are a really important goal ranking factor and the best backlinks you can get are people who are writing their own pages of content and link back to your page naturally so if someone's writing about competitive analysis and they find my article helpful they can link to this page and that's gonna be a great backlink for me so the best types of backlinks are ones that are completely natural ones you're not paying for and ones where people are choosing to put your link in their
content now there's other ways to get backlinks couple ideas you can do guest blogging so if you blog on other websites you can link back to your website I would say it's not the best long-term strategy it could be a good strategy but might be better off just creating a lot of content on your own website the other thing you can do is just reach out to people and just say hey I saw you have this piece of content on your website I think it can be enhanced if you link to my page if you embed my video so that's another option you can do I personally don't do many of those I just try to create the best content I can hopefully I can get my content ranking high so then as people are looking for different ideas with competitive analysis maybe they're looking for things about Google search console they can find my content and they can link back to it it takes a lot of time to build up a great backlink profile so I wouldn't recommend ever buying backlinks I don't recommend doing anything where you're trying to game the system because Google has seen everybody try to do everything so there's not many blackhat type techniques that really work when it comes to increasing your backlinks now the other thing is don't be afraid to use external links to other websites so I'll link off to websites all the time so if I come over here and we're looking at my competitive analysis we scroll down I'll link to my own video on YouTube keep coming down and you can see I have some free tools to find SEO competitors so I have an image here but I go through each tool individually and I show people how to use the free versions of some of these tools even if they're premium tools and I link off to each individual tool here so don't be afraid to use external links whether you're trying to link to someone who has created a great piece of content that's gonna enhance your content or you're just linking to a specific keyword tool or something like that so with links I would say the internal links on your website the external links on your website and then backlinks in general all really important for increasing your Google rankings increasing backlinks I think is the hardest thing with search engine optimization because most websites aren't just gonna link to any old page they want to find really great content that people can interact with and learn more from so you need to be creating those resources on your website so that people do link back to your website so that's seven long-term SEO techniques if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section thanks for watching my video today and make sure you subscribe to the Surfside PPC youtube channel

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