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In this SEO tools tutorial, we will be looking at the best SEO tools that are used for keyword research, technical SEO, backlink monitoring & analysis, and rank tracking. We have put together a list of the best SEO tools for 2021, which can be helpful for every marketer in their business. We will look into some of the tools like Semrush, Vidiq, Ahrefs, Moz, Google analytics, and Google search console. After watching this video, you will be able to choose the right tool for your content which will boost your rankings and help you rank #1 on google.

greetings everyone this is Rob Sanders and thank you for joining me today we're gonna talk about SEO tools let's get started so if you're doing SEO and you're doing on-page and off-page SEO for an organization or website you're going to need some tools to help you so you can't go at it alone you can't do anything manually you have to lean on tools to help you work more efficiently help you gain an advantage and so if you're doing SEO you're gonna need tools for keyword research you're gonna need tools to help you with the technical aspects related to SEO you're gonna have to use some tools for off page SEO including backlink monitoring and analysis and then there's tools for helping you track where your keywords and pages rank so there's tools for every element of SEO and today we're gonna take a look at some of the best tools out there on the market to help you do your job better so let's start
Keyword research tool
with the keyword research so with keyword research tools you can do your job a lot more efficiently finding the right relevant keywords I mean that's really key to SEO is finding keywords that are relevant to your business product or service that you want to rank for so you want to be able to choose keywords with high search volume and low competition so where do you get those numbers you get those from certain tools you also want to get forecasts for certain targeted keywords you want to be able to generate a list of latent semantic indexing type keywords keywords close to the keyword you're trying to target you want to be able to select primary and secondary keywords wisely so having a list of keywords or certain data points will help you do that and you want to be able to identify the keywords that your competitors are also ranking for so good keyword research tool will help you do all of those things so what are some of the tools out there well look no further than some of the free ones thank Google Offers like Google Trends so Google Trends is a good tool that you can lean on if so if we look at Google Trends all you need to do go to trends Google com you could type in a keyword I can look at the volume or interest of that keyword over time I'm here I'm looking at football vs American football and I could see how it's trending then I could see you know how it ends in specific regions of say the United States as my market I can also look at other related queries similar to football or American football and so Google Trends is a good tool helps you look at the volume helps you look at what specific regions help you look at other keywords you know if you want you could simply just do a keyword search or you can actually just see what's trending just by looking at the latest stories and insights so we could see International Women's Day you know started a pick up steam it's picking up more steam etc so it's certain keywords that tend to trend well and you could pick up on what those keywords are using Google Trends now you could also use another Google tool called Google Keyword planner the only difference is this one's paid you need a Google Ads account so if we go into Google Ads hey you'll need to go to tools and you'll need to a keyword planner but when you're in keyword planner you can find new keywords so if I type in for example you know online marketing and click get started what the keyword tool is going to do is give me the data that I need to do appropriate keyword research it's going to give me my keyword and similar keywords it's gonna give me the average month and volume and the great thing here is I can actually see the trend for that keyword over time just by clicking on this little bar graph so for digital marketing I can see what the trend is over time I can see what the competition is I could see you know if I'm going to bid on this keyword I can see what the bidding range is some more important I can see the volume and I can see the competition there's my volume for this keyword over the last 12 months on average and here's my competition so Google's keyword planner gives you the necessary information you need to choose relevant keywords wisely now there are other tools out there that are paid that help you look for relevant keywords like SEM rush or keyword finder that's a freemium tool so there are plenty of tools available to you you know another tool I use that's not listed here is Moz so if you just type a keyword let's just type in the sink like online marketing for example okay so what Maz is gonna do it's gonna give me some volume it's gonna give me some other keyword suggestions okay it's gonna tell me how difficult that keyword is and it's gonna tell me who else is ranking for that keyword so it gives me again all the relative information I need including competitive information so you can use these teeth these keyword tools Moz is freemium some are paid some are free there's plenty of tools out there but these the ones I would recommend for keyword research now let's
Technical SEO
turn our attention to technical SEO so for technical SEO you're gonna need to use some tools there's no getting around that because you want to be able to monitor how your website is performing I mean is it loading slow for example does it have a lot of issues with the website in terms of server-side rendering for example or server response time what about four fours and redirects so you want to be able to gather a lot of the technical information that could aid or prohibit your site from ranking so you want to be able to also you know look at what the bots are seen and how they're viewing your website so if Google goes to crawl your site are they experiencing you know slow server response time or they experiencing pages not found you also want to see if you have a sitemap you know what's the sitemap are these bots crawling your site or getting the pages from a sitemap again you want to be able to lean on some of these tools to help you fix errors that you may encounter like meta tags or for fours or Canonical's so you need a good tool to help you manage all that and so I'm gonna go back to my starting out so if we go back to moms mas is a good tool it's an all-in-one it's a great SEO platform so if I go to Moz and I log into an account I can just go to site crawl and so what Mama's is gonna do it's gonna give me a lot of information about how Moz is bought is seeing my site okay so if I go to the site crawl I can look at all the particular critical issues that I've experienced so I could see for for errors okay redirects related to that I can see meta descriptions missing meta descriptions duplicate content so there's a lot of different issues that Moz is the Dean for this particular site and the great thing about Moz and this is why I use Moz as my SEO platform I don't work for Moz I've just used them a long time is if you do have issues then they give you ways to fix it though how to fix it section so if I see missing description here if I just click on review and get a more in-depth analysis as to what the issues are here but I can also click on the why and how to fix ok and they're gonna give you some information about how this is impacting SEO and what you could do to fix the issue they lay out the issues pretty prominently here you can see for all the metadata issues I have I have you know 142 total metadata issues I have ten title tag two Long's I have 122 missing meta descriptions so they lay it out nicely here up the top so you can kind of get a sense of what to work on and again they prioritize it based on the severity of the issue and then they break it down into several categories for example I just looked at metadata issues you can see if I click on content issues I have some duplicate content that Moz is recognizing or missing or valid H tags so Moz does a really really great job laying off all the issues out for you to recognize okay there's another tool that I like to use called screaming frog it's a paid tool so if we go look here great thing I like about a screaming frog it will crawl your site and it will give you some list of issues just like Mazdas of you know what it sees in your site is experiencing four fours broken links are there any redirects it's picking up duplicate content sitemaps you know they're draw the script issues how does it see the site architecture so it really does take a deep look at everything that could impact your website from ranking okay there are other tools out there like you know deep crawl or will rank they're both paid and so paid tools are really great as well it just depends on you know your pricing structure what your budget is but really when it comes to all these tools they all more or less overlap and do the same thing you just need to rely on one of them to make sure that you're able to see what the issues are now there's nothing wrong with using two of them just as a second reference point to see if both are picking up the same issue of course I like to use search console I always like to lean on Google search console because that is the source so search console will also you know give you some feedback on how Google's bot is crawling your site so that's under the crawl error section here so you can also you know use search console to upload a sitemap so that's a key to SEO you want Google to be able to find your webpages quickly so you can simply just signify to Google where your sitemap is located so the search console does a lot more gives you some HTML improvements gives you some backlinking and then the process of updating their search console use your interface so there's a new user interface that you can use with Google search console the great thing is it's free and it has everything you need to know about your website and how it's affected by SEO organic search the only thing you have to do with search console is verify the site well once you verify it it has all the relevant information you need so
let's talk about backlink monitoring and analysis okay so this is related to off page SEO so you're gonna need a good tool to help you monitor your website backlinks and backlinks are simply just links from external sites pointing to your site and you need to keep an eye on what sites are linking to yours are they spammy related sites are they good relevant sites or anything in between so you need to really be able to analyze what this good links are what the bad links are pointing to your website and you can also you know given the tool also perform some competitor analysis so you should be able to use a tool to be able to compare how your site's ranking against your competitor and you want to measure the ratio referring domains to backlinks so how many pure domains are linking to your site so you want a tool that's gonna be able to tell you that you want to identify and disavow port backlinks okay so you want to be able to recognize what sites are linking to yours that's actually hurting you from an SEO standpoint and you want to be able to do something about that hey you want to measure citation flow and trust flow you want to check the ratio of link distribution in terms of is an internal or external or you know what kind of sites are linking to my side are they you know social related are they pure content related and then you want to be able to track the number of do follow and no follow links you know how many links pointing to our site are actually telling Google and other BOTS not to follow the link or how many are actually allowing the bots to follow that link if a bot follows a link it's going to pass what we call link juice so you're gonna get credit for the backlink if it's a nofollow you're not gonna get credit for the backlink and we want to be able to measure that and so we wanted to have tools that will help us do that so what are some of those tools well h refs is a good tool it's a pain tool Majestic is a freemium tool Moz again Moz is the tool I use SCM rush and then again I gotta mention Google search console so let's take a look at some of these tools in terms of backlink monitoring and analysis so let's start with Google search console again it's free you just have to verify your site and so if I go to Google search console I can look at links and I can see what external links I have pointing to my site k so I can see I have 17,000 in this example pointing to the home page of this particular site okay so if I click on that I can see all the the top sites pointing to my home page now from an off page SEO perspective do you want every backlink or external link pointing to your home page now so you want links pointing to internal pages so you want to be able to measure that so I can see with the top linking sites are and I can also see what the anchor text is so do I want my anchor text always to be my brand name no I want it to be you know keyword we're trying to target search console also gives you some internal links okay what if top linked pages for internal links so from an SEO perspective you always want to have a nice balance of internal linking so this report helps you understand what pages are getting links and are the links evenly spread so this is Google search console this is the links report this is totally free this is provided by Google all you have to do is verify your site now if we go over to Moz we type in a domain any domain so I just typed in simple and learn okay Moz has some metrics that are important to off page SEO including domain Authority so the higher your domain authority the better off you are and so what helps a domain Authority grow is how many quality links are pointing to that domain and so here we can see over 7500 linking domains to simply learn so what's important is we just don't want any site we want quality relevant sites pointing okay so we could see how many total inbound links and then how many ranking keywords we have okay so here Moz is gonna give me kind of an idea of what my domain Authority has been over time they're gonna tell me the top followed links to the site so they can tell me you know what are those links pointing to my site and what's the page authority of those sites okay here I can get a nice graphical breakdown of the linking domains by domain Authority so you want pages with high domain Authority pointing to your site so here I can see 69 linking domains between 91 and 100 so that's really good we want high relevant domains linking to our site so just like search console I can see the top anchor text being used okay and I can see the top pages that have you know good page authority on the site I could see following verses nofollow on internal and external links so this is just the overview so Moz really really does break down for you you know what those pages and linking domains are so if I just click on linking domains now I could get a detailed look or my home page what domains are pointing to our domain so I can see Microsoft com has a domain Authority of 100 you 299 and so not only does Moz provide you with the domains it also provides you with their domain authority score and spam score so you want to keep an eye on any particular site that has a high spam score so having a site with a high spam score and a low domain authority will hurt your domain and page Authority for Paige so Maz does a great job of breaking it out and this is for any page it doesn't necessarily have to be the home page okay if I take a look at another example here majestic so majestic and I can use a free version of the tool they have their own metrics citation flow trust flow so when they say trust flow what's the link quality all about okay citation flow what's the link volume and they can get an idea of how many external backlinks are pointing to the site and what's the trend on that referring domains so majestic does a really good job again some of the same metrics that we can see here except they go into detail about languages as well so this is majestic and you got search console you got a lot of other tools and then I'm gonna just revert back to Moz because you want to be able to compare link profiles if you're in a competitive space and you're doing off page SEO you know Moz will help you compare how your site stands against maybe another competitive site or relevant site so just doing this analysis I can compare my domain Authority spam score how many total links you know how many external follow links or external nofollow links a breakdown of linking domains so it does a nice job of comparing one site versus another that's going back to Moz and that's what you want you want a good tool that's going to help you do that I mean there's other tools out there not listed like bright edge that will also help you compare linking profiles so at the end of the day if you're doing off page SEO you want to get a sense what sites are linking to yours are they quality sites are they spammy what anchor texts are they using are they nofollow are they do follow you know are they top domains how do you compare against your competitors I mean all these metrics are related to off page SEO so you want a good tool that's gonna help you measure this okay so let's talk
Rank tracking
about rank tracking so we do keyword research we're looking for relevant keywords we find all relevant keywords we sign primary and secondary keywords to pages we optimize those pages we do off page SEO and we do in all this work for SEO okay we want to be able to measure the fruits of our labor we want to be able to measure how we perform for on and off page SEO for the keywords we covet in the pages they're related to and so that's where rank tracking comes into play so we want to be able to track our website's ranking and not just our website all the pages we've optimized we want to be able to measure our click your rates and impressions we want to be able to track the ranking for both desktop and mobile for specific locations and we want to identify top performing gaining and losing keywords so in other words we want to look at trends is a keyword ranking is it going up and ranking is it going down and ranking if it's going down and ranking then you need to take action so you need a tool a good tool for rank tracking so we can look no further than again Google search console it's free it's right from the source so let's take a look at what Google search console has to offer in terms of rank tracking so if I go to google search console and I put in a URL what it's going to do is it's going to give me and this is the search queries report it's gonna give me what queries people have used to actually type into Google comm and it's gonna be able to tell me how many times my pages show pages showed up for that query it could be more than one page that's an impression and if I did receive an impression meaning did my page show up in the organic listing then did I get it click as a result and so in this case if I got 68 impressions and 10 clicks for keywords somebody typed in that's a 14.7% click-through rate and so what search console will also do is say hey look for that particular keyword you appeared on average in position 4.1 so it gives you really good insight as to you know what people are typing in and how you're being found for those keywords it breaks it down by pages it breaks it down by country breaks it down by device so I could see you know mobile I had 899 impressions over the last three months on mobile and I received 33 clicks as a result my position on mobile was 2.6 so search console does a really good job again this is free information providing you the actual keyword somebody's using on Google search as a query and how many impressions you're receiving for that keyword how many clicks click the array in the knavish position so in theory the higher you are positioned on Google the more clicks you're gonna receive so if I'm not positioned properly for keyword let's say say page two then I'm probably not gonna receive as many clicks as I would like so that's search console there are other tools out there like H refs again does a good job of tracking amz tracker we look at win shirt so there's some good tools out there I'm just gonna show you another one again I'm gonna go back to Moz for example so Moz has a tool called so if I go back into the account so Moz has a a rankings tool that you can look at to see where your keywords are ranking so if you've already chosen keywords and optimized pages for those keywords then you want to be able to load those keywords in a Moz and so Moz allows you to do that and so what Moz does they do it crawl once a week and they'll be able to tell you where you rank for all your keywords are we moving up in the rankings are we moving down how many keywords do we have rank between positions one and three eleven through twenty four through ten twenty-one through fifty so we'll be able to see where our keywords rank and so it gives you a breakdown here of nationally in the United States where this keyword is ranked and if it's moved up or down and for what you're rel is it ranked four and so you can label soak the keywords and and this is what you want to look for in a good tool you want to be able to organize your keywords and label them so for all our brand keywords we want to be able to label them brand it because ideally you don't want to optimize for brand keywords so maybe we want to exclude our brand keywords and look at our non brand keywords in terms of ranking and so you can certainly add locations and look at specific locations the whole idea between a good ranking tool is to be able to measure you know if a keyword is trending up or down okay so I can simply look at a tick of a keyword I can see the trend of that keyword and then you know if a keywords not ranking then we want to wonder why it's not ranking well is it difficult is it not ranking because of its difficulty or can we do a better job of optimizing for that keyword and so Maas also has a page optimization tool so if you're not ranking for keyword you can flip over the page optimization tool then put in the keyword put in the URL and Moz will give you some idea as to what you can further do to optimize the page okay so that's Moz you know this is a traps so you can CH refs does the same thing that provides you some visibility average position how much traffic you know where are you ranking in terms of positions 1 through 3 4 through 10 11 through 50 and so you want to be able to get a sense of where my track keywords or trending are they training up are they training down and the whole idea again beyond a ranking tool is if you're trending down you want to be able to address why it's trending down so you want to start with on-page SEO can we do a better job of optimizing or off page does that page need more backlinks so that's why you need a backlink tool to support your ranking and H refs does offer up some competitor information as well so you can see how your competitors are performing so these are some good examples of ranking tools that you could take advantage of now there are also a few important SEO tools that can be helpful in different ways for example if you're doing video so there are some tools to help you measure how you're performing via video for example vid IQ so let's take a look at vid IQ so if I load in say a video in youtube in this example how to rank YouTube videos I have a vid IQ extension loaded into my browser in Chrome and so now I can get a good eye sense of how many views the duration the engagement rate the like ratio how many people shared it on reddit but further I can look at how the video is optimized so they're telling me the title is too long here maybe shorten it up but we have tags we have descriptions we have cards we have end screens it's been shared on Facebook it hasn't been shared on Twitter okay it is public we do have pinned comments and we do have hearted comments and so this gives me an idea of how we did in terms of optimizing this particular video okay so if we wanted to tweak it we could tweak the title tag make it a little bit shorter to help it rank better on YouTube so you want to be able to use a tool like this because if you have videos then you want those videos to rank and so you can certainly watch this video on how to rank your YouTube videos and in that video we do a looot to vid IQ so you want to be able to use a tool like this because you know YouTube it is a video portal but it's a second largest search engine behind Google so if you do have videos you want to be able to rank for them and you want a tool that's gonna help you measure and help you understand if you are ranking if you're not ranking why are you not ranking now for content optimization there are tools you can use like SEO site checkup or site analyzer are some good tools if you already have Moz as an example just going back to Moz as you can already know I use Mozilla so they have a page optimization so you can check the content how your optimize your content so it's gonna give me some good feedback on you know is your page title meta description are they in line okay so it's gonna give you some good feedback on that you also have again I have to allude to search console you can always look at a particular page in search console see if it has any errors as well so is it duplicated Meta Description is it a duplicated title tag is it any pages missing title tags your meta descriptions so when it comes to content you can look at search console you can lean on Moz or you can lean on some of these other paid versions like site analyzer when it comes to traffic and metrics look no further than Google Analytics there is a free version of Google Analytics as well as a paid version so if I go into Google Analytics it's gonna tell me all of my website behavior ok who's coming to my site how they got to my site how they behaved once they went to my site and are they achieving the goals I set out for them to achieve via conversions and so you want to look at Fir in Google Analytics how much traffic you're getting so if I go to Google Analytics if I go to acquisition all traffic channels I should be able to see how much traffic organic search is driving over a period of time so I could see how many users how many sessions then if I click on landing pages I can see what landing page they went to so I can see the home page over a particular time and over a thousand sessions I can also see engagement from organic search are they bouncing how many pages are they looking at in this session after they landed on a particular page are they staying on the site a long time what's their duration or and are they achieving any goals so analytics will provide me all that information about how organic search as a channel is performing the other thing about Google Analytics I like and that goes back to the technical aspect of SEO in that site speed so if you go to behavior and you go to site speed overview you'll be able to see how my pages are loading what's the average load time so they'll break it down for you by browser by country and by specific page so if I look at page timings I'll be able to see what page is loading slow what page is loading quick compared to site average and so the great thing about analytics is if I have a page that's loading slow compared to site average they'll actually provide me with some suggestions so if I go to site speed and speed suggestions what they're gonna do is they're gonna have a link in the report that's going to allow me to click on it and I'm gonna be able to see what suggestions they can provide so when this report loads I'll be able to see what the speed suggestions are for my pages so here I could see a page I could see what the average load time is of that page so for example this particular page is loading at 6 seconds ideally we want to have you know three seconds or under maximum so if I just click on this link here they're giving me six page speed suggestions so if I click on that I'm gonna go to another Google tool called PageSpeed insights and then PageSpeed insights is going to run for both mobile and desktop or this particular page and then this PageSpeed insights report is gonna give me feedback as to what I need to to speed up the low time of that page so here you can see for desktop and mobile they're going to give me some suggestions and opportunities so reduce the server response time properly size images serve images in next-gen formats so all these will shave off time off my page load time and so that's what's gonna help me speed up the page load and that's page being inside you can get to from the speed suggestions report and analytics so in theory the higher page load time your chances of ranking on Google organic search diminished so Google wants pages that have very low page load time that load quickly so Google Analytics is great tool for Speed suggestions it's a great tool for finding out what the traffic is doing on your site how they're engaging and are they achieving goals now there are other tools out there from an organic perspective like keyword it that's a good keyword research tool for reddit so if you go to keyword it you'll be able to see from a reddit perspective what keywords are driving volume these are just the results but you can put any keyword in there and get the results of that keyword so thank you for paying attention we hope some of these tools were useful for you if you have any other suggestions on any tools we didn't mention in this video then please feel free to add them to the comments section below of this video we look forward to getting your comments and we'll respond accordingly thank you again and if you have any more information or need any more information please visit simply learn com hi there if you like this video subscribe to the simply learn YouTube channel and click here to watch similar videos to nerd up and get certified click here

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