How to Rank your Website #1 on Google for Multiple Cities & Keywords

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In today's video about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I will walk you through my step-by-step process and show you exactly what I do to rank first on Google for multiple location and cities.

Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself. If you are new to SEO, you will need to have patience and persistence. This will not happen over night!

How do you rank your website in multiple cities even when you're physically not located in that city?
good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is Chris I hope everyone is healthy and safe at home where we all belong during this quarantine today I'm gonna give you some hacks and tricks and answer the question how do you rank your website in multiple cities even when you're physically not located in that city rather than just talk and preach in today's video I'm gonna do a screen share and show you how I actually do it step by step I apologize my hair the barbershops are closed so let's just jump into this welcome to my youtube channel I put out new content regularly for the whole web development industry so if you're a web developer an SEO or you're a small business owner looking to learn more about SEO and web development you found the right spot so if you enjoy my channel in my content I suggest you stick around the wall because a lot of your content is coming in subscribe to the channel the sales pitch is complete let's talk business so a question that's recurring over and over again is this can and should you rank for multiple cities when you physically only have one location the answer is absolutely yes for those that don't know physically I'm located in downtown Toronto I sell the service of web development graphic design photography logo design if I put a radius around Toronto let's say 200 kilometers in any direction I can prepare a whole list of city names or community names within that area that would be interested in the service that I offer but might never hear of me because they're not driving past one of my locations in downtown Toronto so the concept here is this you still want to get your business in front of those communities even though you're physically not in those communities so today I'm going to talk about how you target those communities what to look for how to actually create content and how much content you should create and then what do you do once this content has been created first and foremost before I get into this I want to show you some stats I use semrush very recently become an affiliate with them so if you go to the description below they're offering professional 7-day free trials click on the link let's be upfront if you do end up signing up for it this I will get a small commission follow my channel for a while this is nothing new for me I've been using Sam rush for about 4 or 5 years so let's
How creating landing pages for specific cities has affected my business?
sign into SEMRush only because I want to show you factually how creating landing pages for specific cities has affected my business statistically and financially so we're gonna log into Sam Russell I'll share with you the screen here's a domain overview of a nerds worldcom visit my website and just look through the website you're welcome to do that and here's what we're gonna look at last month in Canada I got eleven point eight thousand organic visitors to the website organic meaning people that went to Google either typed in a nerds world in Google or any of the services that we provide we rank they click that's organic traffic so and America is very similar in number so we're worldwide we're getting about twenty five to thirty thousand unique visitors per month which you'll see here now as we scroll down we can see a section in Sam rush that says top organic keywords currently we're ranking for thirteen hundred and forty seven keywords in Canada we're going to view the details the reason I'm doing this is reinforcement to show you this actually works statistically so as we scroll down what we're gonna look at is all my current rankings for specific keywords so as you'll see keywords here that's keywords all those words underneath are words that I'm currently ranking for on Google position is the next column and what we're looking at is the current position on Google so if you see something like this it means I was third place and now I'm first and I had a jump of two very good I haven't updated that website page in a long time and the last set of numbers I really want to look at with you is volume let's clearly understand this for example that's because we're on this highlighted and seventy people a month type in Google Guelph SEO for those that are not from the Toronto area Guelph is about an hour and a half away it's not too big of a city but I mean there's a lot of businesses there so we decided very early on that we want to target Guelph and we'll get into that deeper but me having that ranking of Guelph SEO gets me 170 visits per month Oshawa is another City it's East I'm in first place it gets me 50 visitors per month if you scroll through you'll see all the different terms that are ranked for and you'll notice that there are a lot of City location keywords SEO agency Bolton for example I I don't think I've ever been to Bolton in my life but I want to rank for it because I know that can generate first impression for my website then a hit and possibly a client so now it's time to start targeting keywords with cities and landing pages now let's jump into this let's go through this step by step very first step I would like you to do is list the cities that you want to rank for okay pretty simple for most if you've lived in the same area your whole life or your adult life this is gonna be pretty easy I can just do it off the top of my head for the most part but Google is also your friend so you're welcome to go to google and type in for example top 100 cities in Canada maybe I want to target outside of my province so I can simply go to Google and Toronto Montreal Vancouver Calgary Edmonton etc these are all I know the big cities but I don't I've never heard of sherbrooke or Abbott's Ford or Kent Anna these locations are being introduced to me with a very simple Google search so what I want to do is I actually want to grab the keywords that you think you want to target and just put a list together for the sake of keeping this video not too long I'm just gonna take some words and I'm gonna bring them over for the example I brought by it's over now if you didn't want to go the route of Google or you didn't want to go so widespread simply use your mind if I were to think about all the cities that surround me easy easy to put a list together that is step one now step two what I want to do is let's pretend for the sake of this video that this is all about web development so using the examples I just put together using a quick Google search Halifax so I want to know website design so I'm just gonna copy paste this term in because let's say for example that's the keyword I want to target so what I want to do now is use Google again bring this whole keyword over and see who's ranking first so first word is gonna be Halifax website design we're gonna bypass the advertisements cuz we're looking for organic results and we're gonna click on number one we're gonna use our mind and we're gonna go through this page and see what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong why did Google take their website and rank them first so we're gonna go through the site normally I just go up and down okay there's very little content there the term itself is Halifax and they're physically located in Nova Scotia so that makes sense to me that's why they're currently ranked first but that's not always the case and that does not mean we cannot take over that keyword they have very little content on their site like content meaning photos videos and text let's do a quick command F because I want to see how they're actually using the keywords so how effects the word Halifax is only being used once on that page this is gonna be an easy race if I want to take over this this is gonna be easy let's get into this so the other word that was website and it's being used 11 times design is being used 11 times so if I'm trying to rank for Halifax website design I would say it's easy competition just to the fact the website looks very small and I would write down the actual words so Halifax is being used once and website design is being used eleven times let's write the actual company name down let's do a quick word count they're using 220 words in second place was Nova Solutions Halifax Web Design Services okay I already can tell there's more content than the first example okay so let's do the same exact thing so I would say right off the bat Nova solutions it's more of like a medium competition they do have more content but let's find out how many times certain words are being used Halifax is being used eight times and let's see websites website design is being used fifty nine times website design fifty nine times now let's do a quick estimate as to how many words are on the page obviously guys you know this I know this we're not getting an exact number we're just trying to get the general gist of how much content you're gonna have to prepare if you want to beat them for this keyword so let's do this again okay now fourteen hundred and fifty let's say words on the page fourteen hundred and fifty words for the sake of this video I'm going to leave it at two competitors for that keyword now I would go on and on with every city keyword that I want to rank for I would do exactly the same thing this is doing research on your competitors so you can reverse engineer success say it with me reverse engineer success reverse engineer success reverse engineer success a wise man once said a goal without a plan is just a dream it's not what he said a wish a goal without a plan is just a wish so what I'm teaching
If you want to build a successful business in online presence this is the way to do it.
you is you need to have a plan you need to set certain guidelines in order to achieve greatness if you want to build a successful business in online presence this is the way to do it so once again if I was doing this and I was all out doing this my list would be long the research I spent hours doing it and really seeing what Google wants in order to rank this is not unlike if you're a boxer you're about to get in a fight you train for months well you're also watching footage of your competitor you know is he does he have a strong right hook is he good at what's he good at and then you train based off his weakness or his strengths but without studying the competition you don't know what to do stop going in this blindly I want to find out a little bit more information okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use this competitor which I've never heard of prior to this very moment but what I'm gonna do is I'm going to choose the actual competitor and pull their stats on SEMRush because I want to know more about them I'm about to get into war with them I need to know everything about them is this an actual keyword that I can rent for now let me take an in-depth look at my competitors okay now it's gonna give me an overview of the whole website and tell me what they're doing right and wrong because I know what statistics to look for let's scroll Wow last month they got 15 organic traffic hits 15 so if I'm comparing myself and I got in Canada 12,000 without being arrogant and cocky can I beat them for the keyword in their own City the answer is yes the answer is very easily yes so right off the bat when I see them ranked in first I want that word okay that's gonna be the word I go for very simply quite put now had this been completely different and they had triple the traffic I had would I still go for it probably not the time that we had in our day is somewhat limited okay I want to battle people that I could destroy and walk over and win and generate profit I'm not doing this for my ego I'm doing this for my pocket I'm trying to survive and make a profit so you want to make sure that the battles that you take on are winnable battles and if you're brand new Tesio start out small start out by picking those small cities conquer them like Godzilla did eat them up take the competition and slowly as you get bigger and grander set your goals higher bigger cities more location more competition since we're here let's just look at the site they have eight point six thousand backlinks let's see what they're doing right and wrong here top organic keywords they're only targeting twenty nine keywords going back to me once again thirteen hundred and something keywords if you're the owner of this website I apologize I still like you I'm just trying to view your website and let's click on the keywords let's see what they're actually targeting and what's generating them the traffic because maybe that's gonna spark a new idea for me that I can then add to the keyword list of landing pages that I'm about to create so let's scroll down okay they're best positioning now they're ranking yes they're ranking number one for Halleck Halifax website design and yes I've never visited the website but I'm doing a search from Toronto what semrush is doing is giving me an average search results from Canada so Halifax website design is their number one term for generating traffic Web Design Halifax in the search volume is 210 people per month if I were to take that away from them who because I would take away their biggest source of current organic traffic simply by me ranking higher than them it's competition that's life I want to do it so right off the bat I know that this is something I want to do I would take that word and bring it over and say yes this is a keyword that I will destroy yes remember guys I'm trying to keep this short and sweet normally I would spend a few hours and get all in-depth and put a real list of about 50 cities down on a page that I want to create and I want to win and I know I can win now it's time for me to create my game plan and guidelines and I've sort of already done this right I've looked an overview of their website I know it's not gonna be a competitive race this is not gonna be overly difficult in this case I'm looking at the top two website design companies ranking for Halifax and I'm putting together a guideline on how I believe I could just destroy the competition and my guideline is going to be based off of Nova solutions because they have more content yes they ranked lower they still have more content so I want to create at least fourteen hundred and fifty words on my page on my landing page let's go through and actually create this game game plan so I'm gonna take the information that Nova solution has they have used the keyword once again Halifax eight times website design fifty nine times so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a very rough game plan I'll say I want to use the word Halifax fifteen times okay and I want to use website design that at least fifty plus times I do not want to just stuff the keywords I'm not saying to do keyword stuffing I'm anti stuffing stuffing means like you just throwing keywords in for the sake of having them on the page I'm anti that listen to me carefully when you're creating content it has to make sense for the reader and for google so you can only do this if you're doing it properly no keyword stuffing if I want to blow them out of the water and I want to destroy them and I want zero probability or possibility of them out ranking me and the current second place holder has fourteen hundred and fifty words on the page if I want to go crazy I'm creating three thousand words three thousand words are gonna take me two hours three hours but it's gonna rank now and for a very long time until one of these competitors comes back and really pumps up the juice and puts extra content into the page I could put this page together now and rank for the next seven to ten years so is it worth my three hours and creating better content and the person is currently in first second and third the answer is yes I want that traffic and although that traffic is not a huge number and let's say three hundred people per month I want that three hundred people maybe I can close three deals out of that three hundred people that's real money we're talking about more profit for the pocket energized today next it's time to actually create the content and publish Paige so I don't want this to be a six-hour video so I'm not gonna create the content right now okay I'm not gonna create it right now but what we'll do is we'll show an example on my current web site so let's go to google and type in New York City SEO for the sake of this video let me show you an example if you're in Canada right now we ranked number one for New York SEO only in Canada if you're in New York I don't know what place we're in but out of curiosity if you watch the video this far down in the comments write down what city you're in in what place I rank for NYC SEO but the reason we're looking at this page is to reverse engineer success this gives you an idea on what content looks like so this is a page I've created about New York SEO lots of words lots of information some media will do a quick command F and let's see NYC I've only used once what about New York City have used 11 times what about SEO I've used 46 times so I reverse engineered this the same way as I just talked about with you and this rank means first in Canada if I create more content it will keep me in first place longer until my competition comes in and writes more pretty simple but if you want to get an idea on how content is written feel free to visit this page on my website inerts WorldCom and you'll get an idea on what it took me to rank first for this keyword next when you create the content you have to publish the page once again use your mind you don't have to be an expert web developer most of the pages that I've created in the past for landing pages city landing pages are ugly they're old and they're ugly you know what don't take my word for it let's look let's look at semrush once again I'm gonna show you the pages that are currently ranking for the cities around Canada for me and they're ugly ugly pages they definitely need to be updated but they're not because they generate traffic just the way they are let me come down here once again I'm looking at top organic keywords for a nerd view details hopefully I'm not gonna be too fast somebody in a recent comment said that like I'm more motivational like I talk and motivate people but I'm not actually showing you what I'm doing and I beg to differ maybe I go too quickly for some people but I'm showing you exactly what I do in exactly what it takes in order to rank Sydney landing pages let's come down and let's let's pull up one of my pages for example so we've already looked at New York City SEO it's ranking first in Canada let's look at Guelph SEO so clicking on this button URL will show you what my Guelph SEO page looks like and it's horrible it hasn't been updated in maybe three or four years there's a lot of content and it definitely has room for improvement but it ranks me first so what we're gonna do is look at this page very quickly now I'm gonna boggle some minds I'm going to show you another page let's just pick one Oshawa SEO and tell me what you notice about both pages come on tell me tell me they look the same they have the same content its repurposed text I don't have to rewrite 3,000 words of new text every time there's a new landing page I want to target I repurpose it now some people watching this is gonna say that's blasphemy it's not possible Google's gonna this is blackhat SEO and I'll say no I wrote the content I'm reusing the content similar last night my wife cooked curry chicken guess what I ate it last night and I ate it this morning and it was just as damn good
Reuse the content that you create!
reused the content that you create I'm not telling you to go out on the world wide web and start stealing people's content and repurposing it for yourself I'm saying write your own content and repurpose it if it is a low to medium competitive keyword you do not need to write original content whoa I'm telling that's a hack that's simple use me and if you want to look at your competitor or if you want to look at me and see what I'm doing this is a simple hack come to the top go to my URL box just type site cool backslash backslash in front of any domain your competitors yourself and see which landing pages they've created see what keywords or city keywords or any keywords that they're targeting very simple scroll through me for example as I scroll down look Barry SEO company guess what the URL Barry SEO so I'm targeting Barry which is a city in SEO SEO Oakville Collingwood SEO Peterborough SEO Waterloo SEO and if we went page by page you'll see a lot of landing pages different structures different content based on complexity and competitiveness for that keyword so if I want to see what keywords they're targeting it's my competitor in or around Toronto all I have to do is go site colon backslash backslash in their domain name they have 896 pages very simple hack easy way for me to scroll through okay so they have individual landing pages for the people that work for them Anthony etc or they have a Hamilton page oh they have a Mississauga page they have a Vancouver page Halifax Ottawa and if I continue to go through the site this way I'm gonna see all the landing pages I can click on them look at them is this a competitive keyword that's actually gonna make me money if the answer is yes then I want to beat them this little trick allows me to see the secret recipe to success in the world wide web it is not possible to hide pages from me or you so you know who your competition is and you can reverse-engineer success as often or as seldom as you want now I got a little sidetracked because I got motivated I got excited my battery is currently at 10% so let's get through this video once the page has been created the content has been either recreated or it's repurposed and the page is live everything looks good you're ready to share with the world you need to share with the world by simply clicking upload and if the pages are sitting there that's not enough the next step is to get people to that page promote promote promote by any means necessary so that could be social media that could be going on a Twitter and putting a tweet and you're not linking to the homepage of your website you're linking to this new page you just created because you want a social citation the more people that click on your tweet the higher Google's gonna rank you the faster Google's gonna rank you now believe this if the person that clicks on that link actually spends time on that new page because they're interested because it looks good and the content is long and it's valuable information Google's gonna look at you as an authority so the traffic is one thing you want traffic to the page but you also want good traffic that's gonna spend time that's gonna visit multiple pages that's gonna revisit your website that's what's gonna make you an authority and that's what's gonna get you to rank another idea is to repurpose old blogs like go through old blogs that maybe you've written in the past let's do it let's do it let me show you what I mean - excited I can't even type a nerds Worldcom so I'm gonna go back to my blogs and show you how I would just go through and do a quick little edit to an old blog to get me a new link to that landing page so as I scroll down let's pick an old blog I don't know eight ways to promote your website in 2017 I would go through and say okay this page is there maybe I can link let's say a website design website is being used 25 times so maybe right here where it says you just finished your website I could maybe change that to website design and I can highlight it and link it to my Winnipeg website design page that's a link it's not a backlink because it's not on a different website but it's on my website and I might also put more effort into it and see which blogs are generating the most current traffic and then add a link so just simply go through you want to make sure that you're using a keyword and you're linking to that page so you're reusing or repurposing an old blog to generate traffic to your new landing page very simple that's it that's my six steps to success I don't know how much more detailed I can get without actually doing the work like you want me to come to your house and hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do I'm telling you everything I do we need to keep this video somewhat short and sweet so I can't do the work for you I'm here to help and direct but it's your responsibility to and to actually do if you guys are new to my channel or maybe you're not if you need mentorship or you want me to review your website or your clients website I just signed up to this website called clarity and you can get a one-on-one conversation with me and we could talk about anything go down below in the description click on the link and you can find out more I could be we could talk today we could talk tomorrow there's a small cost but education is more important than a few dollars so if you need my help I'm here for you one-on-one clarity link is in the description below now lastly before I let you go here are a few quick notes this should be done manually okay everybody wants an automated way to success hey I'm fat I wish I could be autumn I wish I can click a button and get skinny no but if I want to lose weight and get in shape guess what I got to do some work myself so don't look for a plug-in to do this don't look for don't create some script in order to generate all the cityís forget that manual this is manual labor does gonna take time number two is you should not create all these pages in one day especially if you haven't done anything like this in the past Google does not want to see 50 new landing pages in one day when you haven't updated your website in the last two years so I mean sporadically add new landing pages do not do this all in one day please I touched upon this before I'll touch upon this again just to make sure that we're all on the same page reusing your content is not a cardinal sin you will not be penalized for using your own content I said it I've always reused my own content on multiple landing pages never been hurt never been affected never been penalized by Google and I've seen all my competition do it too once again when I speak it's not my personal opinion this is based on stats I've been doing this a long time I'm
Be realistic with your goals and the keywords you're targeting.
bahama old man who next be realistic with your goals and the keywords you're targeting you if you're a brand new company and you're in Toronto you're not going to compete with me I'm sorry you're not going to compete with me for Toronto keywords because I'm just too high pick the competitors and that's gonna be hurtful some of you guys are gonna watch that say you know why I dislike this video because I believe I can beat in his own area maybe you can but how much time are you willing to invest the next two to three years on one landing page or are you gonna spend the next two to three years creating thousands of landing pages so don't make this an ego thing I'm not saying that you can't compete with me I'm saying your time is better spent elsewhere that being said I'm wrong I welcome the challenge the moment I lose that first-place position guess what I go back and I put in some work to regain my title pick the keywords that are gonna generate the most traffic in the least amount of time lastly linking on the landing pages I have always found it to be successful and it's a little hack or trick that I do so let me get into this if I'm creating a page on Winnipeg website design because that's what we're talking about in today's video that was the example somewhere on that landing page where the word is Winnipeg I highlight the word Winnipeg and I link it off into a government website so I would simply go on Google type in Winnipeg government website or official website and I would link out to it from my landing page I'm not sure exactly why but the higher the domain Authority the DA of a website that you link out to the easier I rank my website page that take home from today's video is this should you create landing pages for multiple cities when you only are located in one the answer is yes should you and could you the answer is yes for both now even if you're not using semrush or any tool out there even though I'm offering a seven-day professional free download but even if you're not using that use your mind right I'm in Toronto of course it's going to be competitive if you're in Miami Chicago Atlanta Australia those are competitive keywords picked with your mind little cities that are around you that have businesses that might be interested in your service that's what you're picking so even if you're not looking at the stats on how many people are searching a certain keyword per month you can put your mind together and know how competitive it is simply by looking at your competition hello I'm energized it is Saturday middle of the day were locked in the house I needed to let some energy out hopefully you're feeling my energy I'm sweating I broke her sweat in that video my hair is a mess it's Chris we'll talk again very soon visit nerds world calm if you have any questions comments concerns leave them below and we'll talk again soon have a spectacular day and thank you

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