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- Now they'd actually figured out a 100 pound upsell.
- Now they'd actually figured out a 100 pound upsell, which would take the average order value significantly higher. Not everyone is gonna buy it but some people are, and that's gonna increase the average order value or AOV, and that's gonna allow them to spend more on their advertising. We'll talk about advertising in just a minute, but your goal is to get. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to generate 100 sales per day from your website. (dramatic music) My name's Tim, I'm head Ninja at Exposure Ninja, which is a digital marketing agency. At Exposure Ninja, we've helped clients get to 100 sales a day. And in fact, we've helped clients surpass that. And we've got clients that sell 2000 transactions per day. In this video, I'm gonna share some of the secrets behind their success and some of the things that trip up businesses that are trying to scale to that level, but struggle to do so. The first thing I'm gonna say is that it's a whole lot easier to get to 100 sales per day if you're selling something good that people actually want. Now whilst that might sound pretty obvious, I have to tell you, there's also a whole lot of businesses out there selling stuff that isn't very good. For example, there are Shopify drop shipping sites all over the world, selling absolute crap like this. I've just broken the on button. This is a little handheld drone. Anyway, it doesn't really matter what this is, but the thing that you need to know, this is absolute garbage. And if I had to leave a five word review, I'd say the worst product in the world. The point is it's a lot easier to get to 100 sales per day if you're not selling that kind of pre-landfill garbage. Sell something that people want and sell something that when they receive it, they like it because what's gonna happen is as soon as people start receiving it, they'll start leaving reviews. Those reviews can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If the stuff that you're selling is rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. As soon as people realise how rubbish that thing is, the reviews are gonna get out there and that business will not survive. They might have one good Christmas where they can go all out and sell as much as they possibly can, but after then, it's done. The second thing to note before we get into the digital marketing side of things is you've got to know your customer, who exactly are you selling to? What are their likes and interests, demographic info, all that type of stuff.
If you can visualise the person that you're selling to.
If you can visualise the person that you're selling to, it makes all of your advertising so much easier because you can write and you can design stuff for that specific person. If you don't know who you're selling to, and you're just basically throwing up a whole bunch of products on a site, it could be really difficult to narrow your customer down and subsequently when that person lands on your site, they don't know who it's for because you're not really speaking their language. Okay, now we've got the basics out of the way, let's talk about digital marketing. The first area of digital marketing tricks that we're gonna look at is conversion optimization. If we imagine that sending traffic to a website is like pouring water into a bucket, the performance of your website is like the integrity of that bucket, right? And if your bucket's full of holes, it doesn't matter how much water you pour in, you're not gonna get any sales out of the back of it. You're never gonna get any sales. So your website needs to convert a good percentage of visitors into customers, how many? Well, that depends on what you're selling. But a good e-commerce conversion rate to aim for would be anything between say two and 15%. Broad range, Tim. Yeah, it is, obviously the higher your conversion rate is, the more successful your story's gonna be, but it's gonna be dependent on so many factors, like repeat business, the amount of traffic coming in through your blog and all of that sort of stuff. We talk about bounce rate and conversion rate in other videos, so I'll leave that to those ones. Now, some quick things that you can do to improve your eCommerce sites conversion rate can be things like adding a benefits bar across the top of the site. This is the little bar that sits under the menu and will give people usually three benefits of doing business with you. And it's a great opportunity for you to remove some of the potential objections they might have around things like delivery terms. The next area to look at is your category pages. Now for eCommerce stores, your category pages are the pages that list all of the products in a particular category. These category pages are your goldmine, or they should be. Most of the time, they're not. These category pages are gold because these are often the pages that will be ranking for product category searches. Let's say that I was doing a type on Google for rubbish quality drones. It will be the eCommerce product category page that would show up listing all of the rubbish quality drones that were for sale.
Genuinely, I'm not bitter. I was surprised and I found it funny, but I'm not bitter.
Genuinely, I'm not bitter. I was surprised and I found it funny, but I'm not bitter. Your category pages are gonna be the pages that drive the most traffic through SEO usually because these are gonna be the pages that rank for a phrase like red shoes. And it'll show all of the different red shoes on your site. Some good tips to make your category pages useful and higher converting as well as better ranking is to make sure that you're including some information on them. Right, imagine that people are gonna be coming to your category pages cold, they're not gonna be coming through your homepage. They're gonna be coming directly into your category page. So that category page needs to set the scene, explain your business a little bit, somehow, and also guide people to find the right products for them. That's really important. You can do things like link to buyers guides from your category page, and you can also give people a bit of a background to the business and how they might choose from the various products that you have available. Next thing, product pages. Imagine that you were stood in front of someone, telling them about the product that you're trying to sell them on your website. How much information would you give them and what questions would they have? Now go to one of your product pages and see if those questions are being answered. Chances are I bet they are not. If you have a look at most Amazon product pages, you'll see they're incredibly detailed and there's lots of user generated content on there. This is why Amazon succeeds and most eCommerce sites fail because most eCommerce sites have a couple of paragraphs of text about each product, and then that is it. They expect people to buy with one crappy photo, couple lines of text, huh? If we build it, they will come. No, they won't. Which leads us nicely on to high quality images. Now, when you buy something, you typically pick it up and you have a look at it and you inspect it. When you buy something online, some eCommerce sites seem to think that it's okay to expect you to purchase from a low resolution. single product image from front on. I've seen sites selling luxury bags and they expect you to purchase the bag without even seeing inside the bag. Without even seeing any of the detail, without seeing underneath the bag. Think about when you buy something, how much you look at it and examine it. And then think about whether it's enough to just show one product image, low resolution, and expect people to buy, probably not.
Extra brownie points are bestowed upon anybody who includes a product video.
Extra brownie points are bestowed upon anybody who includes a product video. (man snickering) Video can be a great conversion tool. Sometimes increasing conversion rate up to 30%. You don't need to be a professional video person to make a product video. You can just say, "Hey, here's this remote control "and here's why I like it, "and here are the buttons and here's the battery "and here's how you attach it." That's pretty good because then people can see how it works. Remember, your product page is all about helping people understand exactly what it is that you've got for sale. You don't need to perform some technical wizardry, although of course, if you wanna create an infomercial for your product even better, but having some form of product video that shows people what they're actually buying, will usually help your conversion rate. Again, unless you happen to be selling pre-landfill garbage drones. Next up on the hit list, if you can offer free delivery, it's a really good idea. Studies, granted by the Royal Mail, have found that offering free delivery actually increases conversion rate because people are usually happier to pay for more expensive products and get free delivery because Amazon has kind of conditioned us that free delivery is to be expected. Step number next is to have some reviews on your site. Now, if you don't have reviews yet, because you're a very new business, then you will have to do a review on your own. But what I don't mean is posing as your customers pretending to make up reviews, usually not a good idea. What you can do instead is make a short video that says, "Hey, my name's Tim. "And I run "And I just wanted to tell you a little bit about this." Now we've already talked about product video, so that can be your product video, but that is an adequate way of filling up your site with reviews, if you don't yet have user generated reviews. If, of course, you do have people buying from your site, then having a good process in place so that when someone makes a purchase, they get a follow up email a period of time later on, which asks them to go back to the page and leave a review is a really good idea because reviews do help conversion rates. Again, if they are good. Next thing to do to increase your sales is to add upsell offers. So consider upsells and cross sells. What can people buy that are related to the purchase you've made? Why would this increase the number of sales that you make, Tim?
Well I'm glad you ask.
Well I'm glad you ask. What this will do is this will increase your average order value, which will allow you to spend more on advertising, meaning that you can bring more customers into your shop. I was just reviewing a website that's average order value was about 20 pounds. Now the challenge they're gonna have with their digital marketing is that their cost per acquisition is likely to eat into quite a lot of that average order value. So what we need to do is add in an upsell. Now they'd actually figured out a 100 pound up sell, which would take the average order value significantly higher. Not everyone is gonna buy it, but some people are, and that's gonna increase the average order value or AOV. And that's gonna allow them to spend more on their advertising. We'll talk about advertising in just a minute, but your goal is to get to a profitable cost per acquisition, which means the amount of money you put into the advertising is higher than the amount of money you make from each sale. Once you can get to that stage, you can start to increase your ad spend, but until you get to that stage, you're losing money on every purchase, which is not a good longterm strategy. Now, the next thing to explore is discount and voucher codes. Of course, if you have discount and voucher codes, you will get those people that are economically sensitive, who will put things in your basket, and then they will leave your website, knowing that they are going to be emailed or retargeted with a discount code later on. That's just the way the world works these days. So you've either got the option of taking out discount or voucher codes altogether, or you play that game, knowing those are your numbers, having a look and seeing, okay, what is my average order value given the percentage of people that use a voucher code and then building that into your profit margins and into your pricing. And the final conversion optimization strategy we're gonna talk about today is some form of live chat or chat bot on the site. This can be great if people are asking questions about the products, particularly if you're selling higher ticket items where people might have some questions, they might wanna talk to someone first, having a little chat there can mean that you can get those questions answered quickly and get people into the purchase. This will also show you the areas that you need to cover in more detail in your product descriptions and maybe even your product videos as well because these people, if they're all saying the same thing,
"Hey Tim.
"Hey Tim, how come I don't know what batteries "the thing takes?" Well, you know that you can then go into your thing and you can add in the type of batteries that your rubbish drone takes. Hope you found this video useful. And remember if you enjoyed it, click the little like button. If you wanna check out more videos from Exposure Ninja, then don't forget to hit the subscribe button and that little bell icon. Or leave us a comment if you've got any questions or suggestions of things that you'd like to see us cover in future. Don't forget, if you want some help with your digital marketing, then you can head over to and request a free website and digital marketing review. What will happen here is we'll ask you a few questions about your website and your goals. And one of our team will then put together a 15 minute video where we'll show you how to improve your website's ranking, your traffic and your conversions, it's completely free of charge, I know crazy, right? But danger, there is a chance that you'll become a client after seeing this review because it will blow your socks off. I have to be honest, but don't let that put you off. Go to and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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