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What's going on everyone uh so today what we're going over...
what's going on everyone uh so today what we're going over is a google maps or a google my business rank checking software um so basically what um what this is is a lot of a lot of businesses know how to track their rankings in organic search but there hasn't really been any real solid solutions out there for tracking your rankings and maps so if you're looking at my screen right now you can probably see that there's this nifty little geo grid that you can see at the bottom showing different nodes with with um with different numbers on them um and basically that's the software that i'm going to run you through today it's called local viking and if you just want to get ahead of me and check it out yourself there's a link in the description if you click that it'll take you straight to the page and um yeah if you do buy through me i do get a bit of a commission just to help me to keep making these videos but um i'm gonna try and go over everything everything in this video anyway just so you guys know exactly what the software does and why it's awesome i use it myself all
My clients and it's really made a difference in the way that we do...
my clients and it's really made a difference in the way that we do reporting and just giving customers a client a real understanding of what what we're doing and how what we're doing impacts them all right without any any further ado let's jump to it all right so basically what we have here is um this is the geogrid section of of local viking so what you do is you basically come into here and you can enter in different searches um based on the different businesses you have so you can do a google search you can do a map url search a place id search or a my gmb search so my gmb is when you have various gmbs tied into the software so you can tie them in through the api key and you'll basically have um have a list of those ones there but the real cool thing about this is it allows you to track the rankings of businesses that have their address
Hidden in google maps um that's something that there hasn't...
hidden in google maps um that's something that there hasn't really been a solution for prior to this so if you have a business where you have your address hidden or your clients have the address hidden before this there's no real way to to report on on your your work when searching in maps in a visual way like we are able to do now um so let's give you an example and there's one i prepared earlier um so i have to this isn't this isn't one of my clients but i do have client data in this i had to hide some of that um but anyway this is this is one that i just found prior to making this video so the company's name is carl locksmith sydney uh so if you search for locksmith sydney you should be able to see them in there um that's them there okay so the way we get there the way we get there um they're listening into into local viking
Is we go to or google google.
is we go to or google maps i'm going to search for carlox sydney okay all right so i'm just going to copy that url i'm going to bring them over to local viking okay um i'm gonna go to new geo grid and the way that you can set this up is we generally like to do if you do kilometers i like to do one kilometer grid searches and then just have it to nine by nine um so what that does is when you put in so we're going to put in this business's address here i'm gonna search for them so because they have the address hidden it sort of just picks the location that google like an arbitrary location around where google has this listing set to but the really cool thing is you can actually move the geogrid centers around so if you want to if you want to drag it
If you want to have your jiggly center further away from where the actual...
if you want to have your jiggly center further away from where the actual google listing is you can do that as well um but yeah so what we'll do is right now um we're gonna do a search for one by uh one kilometer um grid spacings and nine by nine and i'm just gonna hit search i'm just gonna enter the term here so it's sydney and then let's see what what we come up with so now basically this is going to come back and give us it's going to go out and figure out exactly where the the listing is ranked so there's a few other things while we're waiting for that to happen i want to show you some of the other stuff you can do there's a way that you can schedule group geographic searches so basically if you have to report to a client every month you can schedule your reports to you can schedule reports to happen every month i'm not going to go into that and show i show that right now because i have a bit of sensitive client data in there but if i show you oh sorry
While we're here we just have this one up already so this is this is the geo grids that...
while we're here we just have this one up already so this is this is the geo grids that have come back for that location and you can see these guys are obviously doing a great job um for the for their clients what you do now is these each of these nodes actually gives you really cool information so if you click on that what we're assuming is that from this location if you search for the term locksmith sydney these guys are coming up number two so now if you go into here you can see all the competitors as well and where they're all ranking so now that information is actually really handy um because you basically know where you're sitting comparatively to all your competitors and this is also the geo grid uh the geo location of that that node that you're looking at so if you want to help pick yourself up in that particular location this is the geo data that you can use um to to increase your your visibility in that one location when you sign up to local viking they actually have heaps of
Training on how to do a lot of the stuff as well so if you're looking to expand your...
training on how to do a lot of the stuff as well so if you're looking to expand your range in google maps this is this is this tool give you the information that you need to have to know where you need to improve and then local viking has training showing you how to use that information and actually increase the increase that prevalence all right so now if we go into each one of these nodes we'll be able to get that information and then if you go to history you'll be able to see your past your past rankings as well um now one of the really cool things is and i um i'm not able to like i said i'm not able to share my one but what i want to show you is this training video from local viking so this is them showing us exactly how they set up the geographic searches i'm just going to mute it i'm just going to explain what they're doing so they've gone and set up the geography search and basically over time there's a little timeline there if you click in through it it'll show you at any given point in
Time where this company was ranking and at that point in time if you click...
time where this company was ranking and at that point in time if you click into the note it'll show you where all the competitors were ranking at that time as well so this gives you a really good idea of how you've progressed comparatively to your competitors if there's any new competitors have come in and if any of your old competitors have lost space loss rankings or gain rankings and yeah so basically you'll get all that information and once you have enough data in here you're able to actually export that information into a gif or a gif i'm not sure how it's pronounced exactly but anyway and it basically comes out in this sort of format so if you want to get a real good visualization of how all your work is has been impacted has impacted on what you're doing and how it's all progressing this gives you a really really clear understanding so if you were to work on a client's account for instance and you would have sent them this report they would be so so amazed and like i know for a fact
This has been this has been really monumental to my business and like how...
this has been this has been really monumental to my business and like how i report to clients and yeah people just really understand what you're doing and this makes sense this is this makes complete sense i'm in this location i search for this keyword and this is where you're showing up at the start and as you've seen over the x amount of months we've been working on your campaign this is where we are now so it's actually really really handy to have let's see some of the other features they have now i just showed you the gmb features but they've got heaps of other features as well sorry i just showed you the ranking features one of the things that they do is you're able to schedule gmb posts now one of the really important factors for ranking in google maps is activity and basically by being able to schedule out your posts over the month this allows you to save a lot of time for one but also just make sure that things are getting done for this business even if you um even if you just it just slips your mind every every
Now and then just setting this up at the start of every month and...
now and then just setting this up at the start of every month and like over two months or whatever it is making sure that this is all done um makes gives you consistency with that gmb which is what google likes to see um you're able to respond and reply to reviews through here and basically you get alerts in here whenever you have any reviews come through so it'll give you it'll give you a really clear picture of all of that you can respond in the dashboard as well and you're able to connect multiple listings to the dashboard which just gives you one command center to to sort of reply to everything okay so i've showed you the rank tracking um it also gives you normal google rank tracking as well listing management basically like i said it's just a command center for the various listings that you have it'll all be in the one place gmb photos this is something that is absolutely amazing to have basically if you if you get your gmb listing and you've got a lot of photos that you want to put on there this tool allows
You to basically geotag and add extra data into those images...
you to basically geotag and add extra data into those images into those gmb photos and because it's sent to google through the api google's actually able to read that information so when you geo tagged the photo and um hot tip you saw before we had the the nodes and the geolocation of those nodes you're able to geo geotag the photos according to the notes that you're not ranking in that well and uploading uploaded to gmb which is a nice little tip that they share with share with you in their training yeah so you can schedule and mass upload images to google google my business with this tool so tribute locking not a lot of people know about this but basically with attribute locking what you can do is um if people have really high google my business guide account they're able to make simple edits your to your listing that you may not realize and over time they can they can actually change things in there so they can claim ownership of your
Listing if you're not not really aware of it so what attribute locking is...
listing if you're not not really aware of it so what attribute locking is is it locks your listing down so it's sort of security for your google my business listing um and what that means is if someone tries to make an edit it'll just change it back so basically there's no unauthorized edits happening to your listing when you're not watching um yeah so for this and basically various other things that they do local viking is pretty damn amazing i use it day to day it's probably probably one of the most value tools i have in my agency um and yeah i highly highly recommend it you can start with the 10 10 listing plan they're not that expensive actually if you if you really think about the amount of time that it saves you in the data that it can provide um it's actually quite quite affordable so that's the this that's the prices over here um i wouldn't do the one listing plan it's a bit it's a bit too expensive for one listing but yeah probably if you're going for
The 10 listings even if you're only using about three of...
the 10 listings even if you're only using about three of them that becomes way more affordable than doing the single listing but yeah anyway that's that's it for me if you have any questions please pop up pop a note in the description and if you want to see any other features of of the tool just let me know and i'll happy to shoot i'll be happy to shoot another video thanks guys cheers

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