SEMrush Domain Keyword Tracking in Google Sheets

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Tracking your SEO campaign performance.
a big headache in any SEO campaign is tracking your performance are you gaining keywords losing keywords gaining traffic losing traffic over time are the keywords that you have rising in rank or falling in rank this template uses SEM rush data to answer some of those basic questions about what's happening with the SEO picture on a site so what it basically does is uses some custom Apps Script code that I use for all the templates on coding it's for losers to
Template for displaying data using SEMRush API.
pull in SEM rush rankings data and kind of transition data so whether keywords are rising falling new or lost for site using the SEM rush API and yeah does some does some basic processing to build charts for you in terms of like your your overall performance so kind of like you know client dashboard reporting and also builds a little query window here where you can just delete these it's old where you can query out all of your landing page URL combos or just landing pages and look at their average position and just what's kind of what's happening with them look at all of your rising or falling keywords and and produce some basic reporting about what's happening on this site that you're working on so first thing to do to get set up is you need an SEM rush API key so there's a couple links in here that you can use either to find it if you already have one limb zoom in a little bit here or to grab one using the the rank tank $15 per month API special I didn't mention this but this template is strictly published in the ranked tank Pro membership site which is a $99 month membership site for SEO s with all the best content from codings for losers and rain tank for these these kind of very specific SEO templates so once you have your SEO merge API key all you need to do is pull in data again pull in data so you can do this by setting your domain that you'd like to look at setting your API key here mines redacted so so people don't go using my API key select the database you want to look at so whether it's US UK Canada any other country that samr supports but once you have those set up you can just click get SRM raj keyword data will ask for your permission to run going to give it permission
Populating fields and displaying SEO data.
and what it will basically do is spit all of the SEM rush data into this SEM rush monthly tab so you'll see it populating total keywords keywords rising keywords falling all this good stuff and what we can do now is basically look at a specific month so if we wanted to look at let's say let's look at June and we just want to look at overall keywords so all the keywords that we have in June since I thought that view limit set to 5 always see is kind of the top 5 keywords for coatings for losers if we want to look at let's say let's look at rising keywords see multiple lookup or going from going up to 33 and falling keywords Google sheets functions we look multiple sheets so we can just use this kind of browser to surf through any of the keywords that the site is ranking for and similarly here we can do the same thing for just URL and keyword combinations this this table kind of spits out a total progress by month so if we had more months in here than than just June it would spit them out to the right here and we could we could look at overall progress and again if we wanted to look wanted to just filter out let's see filter out just a keyword like sheets this would have any of our Google sheets keywords here so you can kind of use these filters and use these date ranges and the transition types to kind of surf your your overall keyword progress data and then this chart this a tab progress by month just have some basic basic data here on count of keywords falling overall and rising the sum of traffic traffic weighted ranks you'll notice I don't have any keywords I don't have any keywords gained or lost here so this data looks a little bit goofy but that's really the the essence of the template it pulls in raw SEM rush data using Apps Script and then allows you to visualize it in a few different ways and anytime anytime you update the data from this template it will add to these charts because the data is tagged automatically so you don't need to worry about that I need to go it go in once a month or so and rerun this for the campaign so hope that's helpful like I said you can you can grab this from ranked tank pro as part of the membership site there so I hope you enjoy it

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