How To Test Organic Search Results To Improve Rankings & Traffic

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Join Tyler as he shows how to use SEO and testing on your website. See how he uses Google Search Console and Google Ads to do a test that objectively benefits your SEO strategy.

How to use SEO testing on your website?
[Music] hello everyone and welcome to another episode up azoic explains I'm Tyler Bishop and today we're going to be talking a little bit about how to use SEO testing on your website so testing in SEO or two things that are really hard to kind of mesh together partially because it's a live ecosystem and we're not even really sure which variables matter the most we have an idea but we're not always sure however Google does give us some information and we can use that information to do a little bit of testing and I'm gonna help you today use some of Google's tools and a little bit of money to do a test that actually we can say objectively benefits your SEO strategy so you can see here I'm inside of a Google search console I am at I've got a website here called IBJJF brackets calm it's for a martial arts tournament and it highlights aspects of the bracket making process and some of the brackets and it doesn't get a lot of traffic but I can actually go into my search console and go to performance and I can look at clicks impressions average CTR and position and if I don't highlight some of these I won't actually get to see some of the data doctor however anything that I highlight I'll actually get down here in the data as well so in this case I have I can see multiple keywords that I rank for and I can see here I've got one that I ranked number-five for so I might be saying hey it would be great if I could maybe move that one up to number one I can see Margit already getting about 50% of the of the traffic of of people that are actually searching for this how the I beat how do you IBJJF brackets work but there's only six impressions so ranking number one for that keyword the benefit is probably not that great however when I go to this one I be jjf brackets I can see I'm actually positioned nine with a six percent CTR which isn't bad but you can see there's two hundred eight impressions only thirteen clicks I can probably get a bigger swath of traffic power to improve this your sites probably are dealing with much larger numbers but in this case we're gonna just use this as a simple example this is also a really good query because if I was to look at something like what IBJJF for example I may see myself ranking low and see it as a good target however when I look at the actual SERP which is the search engine rankings page I can see that Wikipedia's answer here is at the top then I'm getting a carousel for people also ask if this is on mobile this is going to show up at the very top rich data and then I can see the IBJJF is the next two results and then some videos so actually the chances of me getting ahead of these things is not very good so when I look at my actual
Organic results are really important!
query here I can see there's no ads there's actually just organic results and this is really really important because I'm down here below this carousel there's my website and I can see there's a lot of other sites that are ahead of me and it would be great if I could get in front of them so one of the ways that I can do this is actually spend a little bit of money to do some testing with Google Ads used to be called Adwords now Google in their infinite wisdom calls it Google Ads nevertheless you can set up a Google Ads account for free it's easy to do some of you that may have done keyword research in the past may have done this I'm gonna go in them to create a new campaign now I'm gonna go through and I'm just gonna say create a campaign without polls or guidance you could also go for website traffic but in this case I want to select search I can put website visits and then I just need my website which is IBJJF brackets com you and there we go so the biggest thing now is to that exact page I can look now this is my title tag right here so IBJJF official brag that's how I BJ Jeff brackets are created so one of the things I may want to consider here is these top results what are they essentially advertising to potential clickers is this what these people are looking for so I may be advertising here how the IBJJF brackets are created however I may want to lean more towards this is where you can find IBJJF brackets if it's something that you're looking for so that is going to be the direction that I go and I just want to focus on the search Network here you can select whatever respective countries I would say the more limited the better depending on the size of your audience or impressions I would focus on whatever country the majority of your traffic comes from in the respective language in my case the United States and English in terms of audiences none and then for the budget you're gonna have to spend at least five dollars a day but in this case I'm just going to put in 10 to
Start a delivery method.
start delivery method standard is usually the best way but you can do some level of testing faster if you select accelerated you're going to look at more search queries so in this case I'm going to say accelerated bidding on in this case I'm going to say impression share so in this case really the top of the page is going to be the it'll be the only add for this particular keyword so I'm gonna say anywhere on results page and percentage impression to share or to target I'm going to say ninety-five and maximum CPC bid limit since there's no other bids I'm gonna put in two dollars is my maximum but my guess is I'll be able to get it even cheaper than that so that is going to allow me to get started here I'm going to click Save and continue and so this is my ad group so IBJJF brackets so again my keyword is IBJJF brackets so really I just want that
What my title tag has to do with the CTR I want?
keyword cuz I want to figure out what my title tag has to do with my CTR I want to test multiple and so I really just want that keyword so I'm gonna put these brackets here around funny enough the keyword IBJJF brackets and this is going to be what's called an exact match which means I only want to bid on that exact keyword if I don't put these brackets here I'll get what's called a broad match and Google will go crazy and what it allows me to bid on and show my ad on so I just want that exact keyword and save and continue and so now this is where I get a chance to actually write these ads so you can see here it's completely open and blank so in this case I might go maybe as simple as IBJJF brackets find the brackets you want it gives me an option for a third headline since organic results aren't going to give me that option I'm actually gonna leave it out despite the fact that Google is gonna tell me over and over again that I shouldn't do that I could even include the actual URL path here if I wanted to and then I can also test a different Meta Description so in this case I'm saying learn how I BJ brackets are really organized in this case I may say see the IBJJF brackets so that you can see how they work or what they look like my assumption is maybe people are actually looking for the brackets versus trying to understand how they're done click done and now that's one test I can test another one now and you can do this for infinity I recommend testing about three or four total and whenever you're finished you will have your ad group here and when you go in you've got your keyword and you can go to your ads you can see here mine didn't save but you will have multiple ads here and you'll be able to see it clicks the impressions and the CTR of all of these after a while after they run just focused on expanded text ads do not use responsive search ads or any other ad formats ignore Google's advice because remember what we're trying to do is just create basically title tags and meta descriptions that mirror the organic ones because what we're going to be able to do then is see are the clicks impressions and CTR that we're getting here better than the ones that we are getting over here inside a search console so my goal is to have a title tag meta description is performing better than these and I want to take the best one so let's say I've tested three I'm gonna take the best one then I can go back into my website I can go to the admin portion and I can take this page
Change the title and the meta description so that it better mirrors what people are looking for.
now and I can change the title in the meta description so that it better mirrors what people are looking for and this should allow me to improve both of those metrics which even if it doesn't improve my rankings which most of the time you will see that it does you will still get more traffic from this near standpoint of more people will click on your search results so no matter what whether your rankings increase or not let's hope they do you will still get more traffic because of these tests and so if you're a site that gets lots and lots of traffic and the upside is maybe really great because your ranking number nine or something is getting you know hundreds of thousands of impressions over a three-month period of time it is definitely worth spending ten to fifteen dollars to run one of these tests this has been another episode of zoic explains and today we talked a little bit about how to test SEO on your website using information readily available on Google you

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