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- [Instructor] Hey everyone my name is Neil Patel and welcome to CRO Unlocked.
- [Instructor] Hey everyone my name is Neil Patel and welcome to CRO Unlocked. This is a training course. It happens over two weeks. There are six videos in total along with cheat sheets, worksheets, PDFs, handouts, so that way you can improve your conversion rate. A little bit about me. My name is Neil Patel as I mentioned. I'm the co-founder of ad agency, NP Digital, where we help companies grow their traffic as well as improve their conversion rates. I'm also the owner of Ubersuggest which is an SEO tool. In the past, I've created a few other companies like Crazy Egg, which is a conversion tool that has heat maps, Kissmetrics which is no longer around, QuickSprout which was my old blog, Hello Bar and a few others. I've helped a lot of big businesses improve their traffic, grow their revenue. I've also helped a lot of small businesses do the same as well as increase their conversion rate. And I've delivered results for a lot of companies. The point I'm trying to make here is not to brag that, "Hey, I've worked with all these brands." It's more so to show you that if these brands trusted me and I continually work with big brands like this, is because the stuff I'm doing is working which means when I give you stats, data, tactics, strategies, make sure you follow them and take the time to implement them. Because if you do, you'll generate more revenue. If you're new to the art of Conversion Rate Optimization, I'm going to take the next minute to catch you up, so we're on the same page. My co-founder of Crazy Egg. He's now the full owner. He's actually also my brother-in-law. He has a quote and I love it. "When you get back to the basics, marketing a simple. Marketing means getting people in your store. And once they're there, getting more of them to buy. Online marketing means the following: new signups equals traffic times conversion rate." It really is that simple. And some examples of this is, if you have an email opt-in, you have 100 visitors, 10 people put in their email address. That's a 10% conversion rate. If you're selling a product and you have 1000 visitors, 30 of them buy, that's a 3% conversion rate.
The course focus is going to be to double your leads and sales.
The course focus is going to be to double your leads and sales. Doesn't matter if you're B2B, B2C, the goal is to get you more sales. And over the next two weeks, I'm going to give you the lessons, workbooks, resources, tools, cheat sheets, everything you need to grow. Quick stat for you. Internet Commerce is projected to grow year over year. It's projected to grow over to $6.54 trillion by 2023. That's massive. And conversion optimization can help you generate more sales. Keep in mind commerce isn't just selling physical goods on your website. It's also selling services. You can be an accountant. That's considered online commerce or e-commerce as well. Believe it or not when they look at these stats and data. So why should you do Conversion Rate Optimization? What's the easiest leverage point that you have in your business to increase your sales and your revenue sometimes by 20%, 30%. And in some cases, two times, five times without spending any more money on advertising? And when you raise your conversion rate by 100%, that means you're doubling your sales. And that means you can spend more money on marketing and traffic acquisition to grow even faster and beat your competition. Here's a example of a retailer, and optimizes 500 daily orders. Average initial order is $65, upsell price is 55, upsell conversion rate is 5%, total upsell is 25 upsell revenue is 1,375. On the flip side, if you're optimized, you're getting 500 orders a day. And your average initial order value is $65. And your upsell price is still $55. But if you can upsell instead of 5%, you can upsell 15%. Your total upsells would jump to 75 instead of 25, which means in total your upsell revenue would be $4,125. It's a massive difference. The difference is $2,750 per day. Conversion Optimization is how you get more people
To give you more money. One of my friends.
to give you more money. One of my friends, Jared Mitchell and his wife, Alana Mitchell, who run Skincare by Alana, they have a website that teaches people about skincare and beauty. And despite having more than $3 million in website revenue, they knew there was much more opportunity to grow. So their solution was to build a strong foundation with SEO, as well as optimize for conversions. And they improved their CVR by over 200% using surveys and split tests and SEO. And that revenue really had an impact on their life, because it just drastically boosted their profit margins, their self-funded business and it changed her life so much so, they're even able to move into a better neighborhood for their kids and things worked out quite well and they're still growing today. Here's another one Private Label Extensions. Challenge, they are a wholesale extension supplier based in Atlanta who want to increase their traffic and conversions within their space. Their solution: They helped augment their full-funnel strategy with relevant messaging, lead capturing and email marketing as well as helping them rank with high quality content link building. And when they tied all that in with some CRO, the revenue increased from 3.1 million to 7.9 million. They were on the Inc 500 list which is the top 500 fastest growing companies, two years in a row, which is amazing. And their traffic of course increased as well. Your website is probably earning roughly 1/5 of what it should be and that's why you need to do Conversion Rate Optimization. And I'm going to teach you what I learned over the last decade so you can go and implement it. And each week, you'll have a few action steps to complete and I'll give you the worksheets, downloadable assets and actions and cheat sheets and everything that you need. And you'll be able to download them at and then click on CRO Unlocked. And in the first lesson, The Overview, you'll find the CRO Industry Fact Document as well as the Course Itinerary. And I want you to keep in mind, CRO is all about 1% gains, you know, if you've heard any of my speeches before, I always use the example of Dave Brailsford
And I love it. He's won the Tour de France six times.
and I love it. He's won the Tour de France six times, and he's like, "You're not going to win by pedaling faster or eating better. Everyone does it. Everyone trains hard. But it's all the little things. You get good sleep the night before. Did you optimize the aerodynamics of your helmet? Your seat? Are your shoes comfortable? All those little things is what really helps you win." And that's how you build big companies over time, just like Toyota. They never built a $272 billion business overnight. It was done over 82 years and they just optimized little little things over time. And that's how they won. By the end of this course, you'll know how to optimize your site for more conversions and you'll be able to drive more better results. So that's it. If you enjoy this video, like it, share it, tell people about it. And make sure you check out and click on you're on CRO Unlocked so you can get all the assets and the files you need as well.

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