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- In this video.
- In this video, we're gonna be talking about the best free keyword research tools as well as some other super powerful paid versions and I'm gonna be revealing how using some of these keyword research strategies has led to generating over a hundred and forty thousand views approximately every two days and almost 3000 views every 60 minutes and we're gonna talk about how to monetize these views as well. Over the last 30 days, we've generated around $20,412 just from affiliate marketing related to some of these strategies, this is my Amazon Associates account. And so if you're new here on Think Media though, my name is Sean Cannell and my passion is helping you build your influence with online video. I'm the author of the book YouTube Secrets and I'm fired up for today's training, all about the best free keyword research tools. Now, just so we can all get on the same page, let's define a keyword. And a keyword is like one word that people would search on the internet, like diet and usually when we're researching keywords, we're actually looking for phrases, not just singular words because if you were to try to like label your YouTube video diet, it's probably not gonna like rank for that but maybe you want to be more specific and rank for something like keyword, a keyword phrase like best diet pills. And so I talk a lot about cameras on this channel. So again, maybe the Canon M50 is a very popular camera but better than just the one keyword or those two words, is a phrase like how to shoot better photos with the Canon M50. So today, I wanna just break down a couple of my favorite keyword research tools for how to come up with video ideas that get more views so you can monetize your channel faster and here's our favorite quote. Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War said this, every battle is won before it's even fought.
Like think about that.
Like think about that, right? Before you even start recording a video or before you start building your YouTube channel, you wanna make a plan, you wanna make a strategy and keyword research is critical to doing that. In fact, we always say, research before you press record. And let me know in the comments if actually, sometimes you've been guilty of just shooting a video or starting to create content and you haven't actually thought through it or done some research yet. The Gaming Cafe, thanks for the super chat and love the M50, you're gonna love it. Aaron, exactly, wise words that we should always plan before we run into battle and for us, that is keyword research. And so let's look at some of my favorite tools and we're gonna reveal how to use them. And we're gonna start off with some free tools that you can get started with for completely free and the first one is called Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest. And so if we go over here, you can go to and you're gonna want to sign up with your Google account, it's entirely free. And if we were to type in something here, like Canon M50, what we're gonna discover is all of this information about this keyword or this keyword phrase. What we're seeing is that almost 50,000 people a month are searching for this keyword and that is actually good for us, it's a high search volume and it's great for us 'cause we might say, okay, theoretically, if you could rank number one for the Canon M50 search phrase, you could have 50,000 new people watching your content every month. Furthermore, if you can rank in YouTube or Google for the search phrase Canon M50, new people who don't know you could be discovering your content and therefore watching your other content that maybe isn't even keyword based. So having creating search-based content on YouTube is one of the best ways to get discovered. And, but we can go deeper with this tool as well. If we come down here, we can now see
That if we get more specific, the keyword search volume goes down but we also maybe have more opportunity.
that if we get more specific, the keyword search volume goes down but we also maybe have more opportunity. So the Canon M50 lens, okay, we can make a video about lenses. What about the battery? What about other different keyword ideas? So if you click here on Ubersuggest, an entirely free site, there's lists of ideas, people that wanna see Canon M50 versus the Sony A6000. So maybe you woke up today and you're like, I don't know what video to make but you're thinking now, okay, that would be a great video to make, right? And remember how we started, like maybe best diet pills. So whatever niche you're in, you can go here and start doing research to come up with keyword ideas and find out information about them. So best diet pills for weight loss but then best diet pills for women. Okay, well, that's cutting men out of the equation, more specific and that's something to note when it comes to keyword research, the more specific, the better but here's what's also cool about Ubersuggest, you can also come up with content ideas. And what this will do is based around best diet pills, it'll actually tell you some of the top ranking blogs and you can click on these and actually maybe research products, that link is dead. You could click on these and maybe research products you wanna review, products you wanna compare and maybe find opportunities for creating different video ideas in your niche and mind you, we're looking at blogs. So we're maybe over here looking at what are they reviewing here, what ranks about this, what's interesting about this and then we could take that information back to YouTube because in this video, we're specifically talking about doing keyword research so we can make better YouTube decisions. Now, let's talk about our goal in all of this and that's this, we're asking, is anyone interested in this topic, right? Where a big mistake people make on YouTube is they're making videos that people aren't interested in.
Like, have you even done the research ahead of time to see if people even care? Second question then is how many people are interested in this topic? If there's only a small amount of search volume based on the video idea you wanna create or on your niche or even your channel in general, well then, it may suffer from not being able to grow 'cause there's just not that big of a market interested in your macro-topic, like your big YouTube channel idea or your specific video ideas. And then the third question is how much competition is there around this topic? Now when using something like Ubersuggest, let's say we were to look up something like best greens powder, this would be like a supplement, you'd mix some greens powder with water if you're traveling and you wanna stay healthy and you could look at this keyword we'll go to our dashboard here or the SEO difficulty. This is gonna say how much competition is in organic search, the higher the number, the more competitive. Now, so it's kind of half, halfway there and how much competition. Now this is based on Google again. So one of the best ways to do research on YouTube is to actually go search the phrase and look at the other videos that are ranking to see how old they are, to see details about them and then to make an educated decision on if you think you could rank for that video. Now, it also says paid difficulty, this would be if you wanna do paid traffic to get Google AdWords ranking your website or (talks) even on YouTube with YouTube ads and then what the cost per click for ranking that term with paid. So pretty much, I actually ignore these when doing YouTube research. I mainly want to see the keyword search volume, I want to maybe get some other best greens powder for inflammation and that'd be called a long tail keyword, the longer tail the better when you're starting
'cause it's much more specific and easier to rank for.
'cause it's much more specific and easier to rank for. And so if you're getting value out of this video so far, hit the like button but I wanna share some more keyword research tools with you as well as how to actually make money from this and how to optimize your videos so that you can get more views. So let's keep going. The next one, after Ubersuggest, is going to be YouTube autocomplete. Now this one is super fun because you can do it quickly and you don't need to install any software or anything and it's one of the quickest ways to get feedback on YouTube. So YouTube autocomplete is simply using the search bar to find video ideas for and based on how popular they might be. So if we type in the Canon M50, then we might discover that the Canon M50 review is what people wanna see the most. So what we're seeing here in autocomplete is YouTube is actually telling us the most searched keywords in order on YouTube around this topic and it's finishing our sentence for us. So the Canon M50 tutorial is the third most searched, Canon M50 photography is the sixth most searched, you can see that we've been crushing it. So even Canon M50 Think Media is searched 'cause we made a lot of videos around this. Now let me give you a little tactic here, watch this, we put an underscore space before it and it'll put it into a sentence for us. Sony A6000 verses Canon M50 or the best lens for the Canon M50. So let me ask you in the comments, what niche are you in and what are your target keywords? What you wanna know is what are the keywords that you wanna search for and be found for. You know, I've been mastering this process of ranking videos over the years now and early on, it was best camera for YouTube. And that was just one of those keyword phrases where over the years, I've got this video ranked number one, this video is ranked number one and even amongst a highly competitive niche, I've got this video ranked here on the first page, this video ranked here on the first page.
So I learned early on that once I saw kind of a bright spot.
So I learned early on that once I saw kind of a bright spot, once I saw kind of a combination of where my passion and my proficiency and expertise and where I a lot of just trial and error and failing but then adapting my strategies and studying and investing in myself and my learning, I really dowed in this process. So like cameras and that ended up kind of branding where Think Media went as a channel. So what's your niche and what are the keyword phrases or video ideas that you should be making that if you rank the video for, it could absolutely change your life? So use YouTube autocomplete and let's look at other things you could do here. You could also realize that as you go deeper, you could go Canon M50 tutorial space for beginners, it's giving you more of a sentence. So if we were to go back to kind of that general internet search of like how to lose weight, right? You go how to lose weight fast space, without exercise, space or diet. I mean, who doesn't want that too? Like, what a sentence like (mumbles) in a week. Yeah, like, that is the dream sentence right there, am I right? I mean, how do you lose weight fast without diet or exercise in just one week? Like, what is the magic for, the answer is you don't really like you probably (talks), right? But I mean, we see that we just discovered a specific desire by and it was giving us more of a sentence which again, that is like a long tail keyword search phrase. And so let's look at another one. The next one that I like is the VidIQ keyword research tool. Now this one is actually a paid tool, I think with a free version of VidIQ, you could get started with it and eventually, this is something I recommend investing in. If you actually go to, that's my affiliate link and but you can get (talks) a 30-day free trial of a paid plan and there's a link
To this in the description, that's
to this in the description, that's I'll show you how powerful this is because the cool thing about this is, this is the only tool really that I know of that's gonna give you YouTube search volume. So if you remember on Ubersuggest, we were looking at Google search volume over here, right? And if people if you say why are the numbers different and like some tools give me different numbers, well, a lot of them are using different resources and algorithms and I don't even know they come up with these numbers. So they're never gonna be perfect but you're at least gonna have some data so you can make data-driven decisions in which video you should make next. And so if you see over here on and it makes sense to me actually that on Google, around 50,000 people a month search for the Canon M50 whereas on YouTube, almost 200,000 people do and that makes more sense because people love to look at tutorials and camera reviews and they wanna watch videos of it. And so this is telling you YouTube search volume. In fact, it's telling you competition where you can actually put this in order of the least competitive videos if you want. I like to put it in order by search volume and then I start going through here looking for video ideas. So maybe I'm now maybe it's like, okay, the Canon EOS R is getting a hundred and fifty searches a month, should I talk about that or cover something around that? You know, what's the best camera for YouTube? You can see how much search volume it's getting. And if we keep going, you can look at best vlogging camera, that's different than best YouTube camera 'cause vlogging is a certain intent, right? There's a certain nuance to it. And so this is the keyword research tool I use the most. I really jump between these, I do some general research on Ubersuggest, on autocomplete I should say, I kinda get a general YouTube vibe there first, take it over to Ubersuggest, look at some content ideas and some other Google search and then I take it to VidIQ and I'm putting together my plan because I research before I press record, come on, if you're getting value, smash like because we've got another tool coming up
And so much more to share. The next one's actually Keywords Everywhere.
and so much more to share. The next one's actually Keywords Everywhere. And the bummer on this one is that it used to be free, it's no longer free but actually, if you just pay a few dollars, you could still benefit from this tool. And this one can help you come up with some pretty good ideas and it's something that even the free version is nice to have installed because it'll just kind of generate keywords for you but now, you can't see the search volume unless you pay money. So for like $10 you get a hundred thousand credits. So if you notice this, I have Keywords Everywhere installed in the upper right hand corner here and here is some keywords that it's giving us, right? And the cool thing is that each keyword is only gonna be eight credits and you get like a hundred thousand credits for $10. So if I go over here and I say load metrics, then I just spent some of my credits and I can actually see at a quick glance, the search volume of these keywords. So again, Keywords Everywhere is gonna give you some quick data on a dashboard over here, over on YouTube, but it's gonna tell you the search volume right underneath the keyword, this is from Keywords Everywhere and what's kinda cool is if you want to star this keyword, I mean even this doesn't look accurate. So you know, it's different things from these tools but that'd be the fourth one that I would recommend. But here's the thing, let's get into some tactical strategies around these things so we can kind of apply this to our YouTube channels. And so here's the goal of keyword research. I mean, number one, you're looking to discover video ideas. So not only are you trying to research maybe the video idea you wanna make, during the research phase, this should actually be influencing ideas you're coming up with. And what I'm constantly finding is ideas that people haven't covered or they haven't covered well, I'm finding different nuances of how I should cover an idea.
And then number two, this is gonna help you create smart videos.
And then number two, this is gonna help you create smart videos. See, when you research before you press record, it should inform the content creation. You're not gonna like rank videos and grow your YouTube channel just because of using keywords and tagging your videos right. That's just a small piece of the overall picture but when you research before you press record, it'll help you create smart videos and then the next goal is to monetize those videos in smart ways which is what I want to talk about next 'cause I've got a cool case study to share with you but before I share that with you, I wanna pass the question off to you and ask you what are your favorite keyword research tools? Is there any that you use that I haven't recommended? Let me know in the comment section below. And what are your target keywords? Look, you wanna have a clear YouTube channel that's generally based around a single value proposition. Here on Think Media, we're not talking about the best diet weight loss pills nor are we talking about how to get greener tomatoes in your garden nor are we talking about the best sewing machine or how to organize your closet but for you, you might want to know what are your target keywords in terms of DIY, declutter, in terms of taxes, cryptocurrency, right? So what are some of your target keywords or topics that you should be covering on your channel? And look, if you wanna actually go deeper on this, I'm only scratching the surface. I wanna let you know about a free web class that I have at 2020 Video Secrets. If you haven't watched this, I actually break down how I use this one strategy we're talking about to generate over 50,000 video views per day and how I make over a hundred thousand per month without YouTube AdSense leveraging these strategies. So we're kind of giving you an overview of what's on this web class but write this down, screenshot this page, put this in Safari, go to Google Chrome and if you go to this page and you click to enter your email, this will then just take you to the free web class, grab a journal, grab something to take notes with and watch it.
What it is, is it's a part of our course, video ranking academy.
What it is, is it's a part of our course, video ranking academy. So we have some advanced training that may or may not be right for you but nevertheless, this is a free 90-minute pure value training that I definitely want you to check out and then you can learn more about some of the things that we do at Think Media to really help people grow their YouTube channels faster and build highly profitable businesses around their YouTube influence. So check all that stuff out and I have got this really cool case study to share with you in just a second but I'm gonna take a sip of some coffee and today, this video is brought to you by our conference that happens every year in Las Vegas called Growth Video Live, check out this short video and then I'll be back to share that case study and some more tips with you. (upbeat music) - You need to be making bad things first because making those bad things first, starting messy, that is what's gonna move you forward. (upbeat music) - [Man] I can't stress enough, the value of Grow with Video Live will change your game when it comes to YouTube. - [Man] I like the practical because I wanna know what are my next steps and you get that here in every single session. (upbeat music) - And now we've seen the power of online video over these last years, of course, not just in the world but in our business. I mean going from just shooting videos in the bedroom to now building a multiple seven-figure company, it's been crazy to see the power of social media and online video. The stats are in, the facts are in, now is the time to go all in with online video. - [Narrator] Wanna come to Grow with Video Live 2020? Tickets are on sale now. Get all the details and claim your ticket before it sells out at - Hey,, we cannot wait for Grow with Video this year and it is coming up here in Las Vegas and so I've got a couple more tips to share with you but if you wanna learn more about that, happening September
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this year, we've got Chalene Johnson, Pete Vargas, Vanessa Lau, Benji Travis is coming, Pat Flynn is coming, Silicon Valley Girl. We've got about another 10 speakers that we're locking in. And so it is the no miss video marketing event of the year. If you wanna learn more about it again, and we're gonna be talking about the best in the industry, the best strategies so that you can get a cutting edge when it comes to building a profitable business or scaling your current business, leveraging the power of video and we're gonna bring, we're bringing in experts, Michaela Lexus talking all about LinkedIn video, we're gonna have, we're covering Instagram, TikTok, man, it's gonna be powerful and we're gonna be bringing the best in the industry to you when you come to Las Vegas and so I cannot wait for Grow with Video Live. But let's just briefly talk about how these keyword research strategies matter with this quick case study. And so a while ago, on my personal channel, Sean Cannell where I talk about like health and lifestyle stuff and I don't really upload there a ton, I have done that more in the past, I was doing keyword research and I mentioned it early to you I was looking for different keywords and I actually looked up best greens powder and I don't think I even knew that keyword at the time. I was just doing research around supplements and health and I found that okay 3600 people a month search for best greens powder. And what I had found was I had found a supplement that I was taking from my friend Lewis Hulls actually recommended it, it was called Organifi. And so three years ago, I shot a video on best greens powder and what's so crazy. Here's Keywords Everywhere by the way on the right side here and you can load metrics if you want to get the keyword research. But I made a quick video where I just sat
Here to the left of myself in front of the window and just kinda talked about this product.
here to the left of myself in front of the window and just kinda talked about this product. Well over the years now, it's gotten a hundred and fifty thousand views and because of a good CPM, it's generated around a thousand dollars but it's because of the product that it's connected to which is an affiliate link to Organifi, it's generated over $10,000 over three years and that's passive income, it's truly passive 'cause if you look, VidIQ is showing us that we're getting five views an hour right now on this video, I made the video once on May ninth, 2016 but then I am here, continuing to be discovered in search, it generates subscribers, it generates more people watching the channel and it generates income passively. So whether I'm on vacation hanging out with my family, whatever I'm doing, money is coming in and it's also adding value of a product that I always travel with because, you can't always get green juice when you're on the road. So if you wanna learn again, more about this kind of stuff, that is exactly what I talk about on this free masterclass, exactly how to set it up and things like that when it comes to the strategies but here's the ultimate goal. What your goal is with this and this is a cool way to actually see if someone really knows their stuff when it comes to ranking videos is VidIQ actually gives us a really cool tool called the trending tab. And so you can see a few of these videos with just the free VidIQ plugin or a few of these results but normally on someone's YouTube page, you've got videos, playlist, community, et cetera. If you click on trending, what it's gonna do is take you to the trending tab and it's gonna say, videos with the highest velocity, views per hour, right? Views per hour. And so this is my page of how many videos are getting views every single hour here on Think Media. So your goal is to build a library of ranked videos
That gets views while you snooze.
that gets views while you snooze, that gets views on autopilot and I've got videos from two years ago that are getting 6.8 views, videos from 10 months ago that are getting eight and even newer videos that are ranking in search and getting massive traffic. Again, this is why all of these videos are getting like views whether I upload new content or not because it's this massive snowball of momentum when it comes to ranking certain keywords, right? For example, if you make a video like this, how to make a video from start to finish on your phone and we go look at it, here's (talks) landing the plane, you come down here with VidIQ plugged in free, the free version will show you this data and on the right here, it will give you data of what we learned about keywords and keyword phrases. Well now, here's the tags on this video and if you look right above my little screenshot here, these are the ranking tags for this video. So how to make a YouTube video on your phone, there's the keyword phrase and my video ranks number two, see how powerful this is? So when you rank videos like this, that's how you generate all of that crazy traffic and get all these videos that are like, they have high view velocity, views per hour. So again, if you wanna learn more about that, check this out because we can only kinda go so far and this is I sat down, link in the description below where I go super deep into all these monetization strategies and how to do all of this. So definitely go to video, 2020 Video Secrets to learn more about that. And then also, if you want to stay connected on Instagram, I am super active over there with a lot of tips throughout the week to help you on YouTube plus I do daily Instagram stories with more tips. So at Sean Cannell on Instagram, tell me your Instagram handle in the comment section below and let me know what your favorite
Keyword research tools are. And here's the thing.
keyword research tools are. And here's the thing, I know that after you start getting views using these strategies, so check out Ubersuggest, that's a great one to start with, that after you start getting views, the next question is how do you monetize and not just relying on AdSense. See, everything I talked about this video had nothing to do with YouTube ads and I was able to build a six figure income well before I ever had enough views to ever barely pay rent with YouTube ads, why? From doing affiliate marketing and from doing other multiple income strategies like I talk about on that free class. But if you want to learn a little bit more about some different income strategies, then just click the screen because I got a video all about how to make a thousand dollars on YouTube in a couple different ways and I'll see you in the next video. So what are the best ways to make money on YouTube this year? You know, YouTube continues to make frustrating policy changes that have honestly hurt a lot of creators, meaning, it's more important than ever to diversify your income streams. So recently, I was speaking at a conference (talks)...

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