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As business owners or as marketing agency owners you're constantly trying...
as business owners or as marketing agency owners you're constantly trying to figure out how to get your content show up on the first page of Google search results in this video I'm going to show you a tool that we use to track keywords rank our keywords and then determine if those keywords are even worth going after all again through this one tool also it gives you a cool tool for competitive analysis and website analysis so let's take a look into this tool and how you can use it for free [Music] alright welcome back everybody my name is Jordan Steen aka serial entrepreneur and like I said in the beginning of this video we're gonna talk about SEO really cuz that's what we're really talking about when it comes to Google search engine results and showing up on the first page of Google so remember whenever it's your website or blog article content or YouTube videos if that's what you're trying to rank for SEO is the backbone for building any of
Those channels or any of those platforms make sure that you spend a lot of time...
those channels or any of those platforms make sure that you spend a lot of time learning search engine optimization and best practices for whatever platform you're using oh and before we get started in today's video make sure that you hit that subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner of this video and then the notification bell right next to it so that way you guys get updated whenever we release new content four times a week so like I said in the beginning we're gonna talk about this one tool that I found they have a free platform which actually allows you to do quite a bit if you don't have a budget to start off with just yet you can use it for your clients you can use it for your own business how what we you know whatever you plan to use this tool for it's great they're free platform is really awesome but they're paid platform is also pretty great as well it's not anywhere near expensive as some of the big competitors like aah refs or you know some of the other competitors that do the exact same thing this tool is great so it's called certain stats so let's hop onto my computer over here really quick and we'll get started alright everyone so this tool is surf stat obviously pretty clear if you're looking to use this tool by the way we have a special offer that they offer us
To our students on but basically if you want that it is in the description below...
to our students on but basically if you want that it is in the description below this video I believe you get like a discount or an extended free trial if you use that on their actual service service where they show you like full access to everything but basically guys this tool is really really great all right so once you're logged in the first thing you want to do is click this tools I get like icon right up here and it's gonna take you into their platform now it'll ask you to set a project if you you know skip that for some reason to make it back to the home page and you didn't do that then you're just gonna come here let me delete this and that's our test one and I'll show you guys how to create a project so it'll look like this actually when you first log in you're gonna click add new project right here and you're gonna add your domain so we'll just do serial entrepreneur Academy cool project name cea keywords you know just for example and then a group you can create a group if you'd like so we can just do CEA internal something like that right then we'll click create and it's going
To populate it's gonna go out and actually find my web address and then...
to populate it's gonna go out and actually find my web address and then pull out referring domains referring pages whether we're doing paper click on Google or anything like that SEO related keywords and the cool thing is you can actually do an audit of your website completely free so they'll send you the audit and tell you where errors exist on the website also again completely free and then if you choose you can upgrade your plan and that's where you get to start doing things like rank tracker where you can put in specific keywords that you're trying to target with your content whether it be blog or whatever and you can start to see how you're growing with those specific keywords so it'll show you know the growth in your rank whether you're showing up on the you know xx page of Google or whether you're on the first page page of Google alright so the site audit though is still on the free version I don't know how many site audits they'll allow you to do or how many projects that you can have open on the free version also you are limited to searches so you only get 30 searches per day that's cool you get them per day so that's a lot per month
But it's not enough if you're trying to do it for several clients right so if...
but it's not enough if you're trying to do it for several clients right so if you do need to upgrade again their pricing is super cheap I believe the plan I'm on is $67 per month and that gives me four thousand daily searches unlimited projects unlimited all kinds of stuff so you can really get a lot done with just the $67 per month package you can work a lot of clients on here all right so let's show you a little bit about how this tool works and how we use it and why it's so great so let's say we wanted to do social media marketing right and that's a keyword we wanted to target social media marketing I could do you know even more intense specific I could do social media marketing training social media marketing courses free social media marketing training all that kind of stuff we're just gonna go broad and go social media marketing alright so if I click search what it's gonna do is it's gonna pull up a ton of different information search volume competition the cost per click on average for that keyword and then the keyword difficulty okay so here's the things that I like to use number one obviously is search
Volume you can get that from things like Google tool or keyword planner you can...
volume you can get that from things like Google tool or keyword planner you can get it from uber suggest we've used that in other videos that we've talked about that's you want to kind of cross-reference because all of these are estimates and some use paid third-party sources like surf stat and some pull it directly because they are the original source like Google so just make sure that you're using multiple sources to verify search volume don't rely on one source but it does give you a general idea and you can see if you're missing of any of the information it tells you what all we're all all of this data came from next is competition and this is gonna tell you how competitive that keyword is how many other businesses are out there and it's out of 100 so the higher the competition the more competitive that industry is cost per click this is going to show you how much something costs right per click and the average in the industry important to know next is keyword difficulty and this is one of my favorite ones because it allows you to track which keywords are relevant and which ones aren't going to be relevant the higher the keyword difficulty the harder it's going to be to rank for a business whether it be
Blog content or YouTube content so for new channels you want to start off with...
blog content or YouTube content so for new channels you want to start off with a lower competition score and a lower keyword difficulty so I'm gonna show you a chart really quick that you're really gonna like alright so this is a chart actually that search status put together if you want just free blog content on keywords SEO stuff like that definitely follow search step they have a lot of great information but this chart is actually pretty standard for people in the youtube business and in Google who are trying to rank organically basically SEO business right so what this shows you is what types of keywords you want to target if you're a newer business you're gonna start off with low as you start to build your following and traffic to your site or to your blog or channel on YouTube you can move into medium as you begin to progress even more difficult and I'm very difficult right so it's different for every industry you know for me we don't have to have as many subscribers to start to break through into this medium difficult niche whereas someone in the video gaming industry is gonna have to start off really low and they're gonna have to ride up to you know 10 20 30 thousand subscribers on YouTube for example before it even makes a
Difference for them right before they can actually start targeting medium and...
difference for them right before they can actually start targeting medium and difficult content because it's very very competitive niche so let's look at this tool even further if I go down to this little section right here on organic keywords I can click show all and it's gonna show me keyword difficulty volume cost cost for competition and pay-per-click results like how many shirt search results exist which social domains they're on right so this is a really cool tool I can actually go through here I can sort by keyword difficulty and I can see what might be beneficial for me to target alright so if you look at this keyword right here you'll see social media marketing but there's a period at the end right so that's a different type of search there's not as much search volume for it or the keyword difficulty isn't as difficult for that but let's I wouldn't say to use that because people could end this sentence with social media marketing and then a period and that's what's being counted there so let's look at something else some people are typing in social - media - marketing right and that has a lower keyword difficulty social media with a - in between it and then just marketing without the - between it right that's got a lot a decent company word difficulty and we
Could put those incorporate those keywords into blog content into tags on...
could put those incorporate those keywords into blog content into tags on YouTube that are going to help us rank for when people search for those types of videos right we have an 18.54 so that's a little higher but it's still in the spectrum for us to compete in social media marketing companies right so that if I was doing you know if I was trying to create video topic and lightening people on the ability to create a social media marketing company that's what I could gear that you know keyword or use that keyword set for in a piece of content alright so before this video gets any longer because we can really get into it with using a tool like this I don't want to bore you guys so what I've done is I put together a full-length blog article that goes into even more detail about using the SERP stat tool so if you're interested in that make sure you check below this video in the description there is a link to our blog article it says literally like video blog or blog link whatever but it's right below this video in there check that out click that you can get more information about search stat Owen really quick question what tools do you guys use for SEO
Management and keyword research thing like that I always love finding new...
management and keyword research thing like that I always love finding new keyword tools so if you have any that I might be interested in leave a comment below this video and let me know what they are oh one more time I guess I will remind you again make sure to hit the subscribe button then the notification about I promise you you're gonna want to stay tuned with all the stuff we have coming out it's gonna be really good oh and one last thing if you really liked today's video and you want to learn more about keyword research SEO we've put together a whole playlist it's got about 11 videos so check out this link right up here in the top right hand corner I promise you you'll love it but that's it for me ladies and gentlemen I will see you on the next video so until then serial entrepreneur out later Google results Wow computer thank you for that I'm gonna shoot that again now ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle well it's serial entrepreneur Academy will teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see you in the course on serial entrepreneur you [Music]

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